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$17 in payouts sitting in the brave browser after using it for two months.

Currently only available in US, UK, Canada, France and Germany. More location support will be available soon. The withdrawal function is currently limited so you won’t be able to cash out yet unless you tip them to your publisher account. (Its easy to make a publisher account)

Pretty easy to use. The browser is great, and the ads that they pay you for are pretty unobtrusive. You can withdraw in cash or the native cryptocurrency that supports it. Personally im probably going to hang onto the BAT cryptocurrency they give you because I think the $17 they gave me now might be worth $250 at some point.

Heres a non-ref link for anyone interested [](

24 thoughts on “$17 in payouts sitting in the brave browser after using it for two months.

  1. One of the things that Chrome (and Chromium) does that absolutely pisses me off is losing focus on tabs. One of the reasons I have Firefox and Opera installed as well is because of this. Does Brave have to constantly reload open tabs if you have a lot of them open and haven’t visited that tab in more than five minutes, or has this annoying trait been fixed?

    I would love to have one browser do all the things I like, but each has their own fatal weaknesses – Firefox is currently a resource hog, Opera gets glitchy if you don’t keep on top of the updates, and Chrome needs to fix its issues with maintaining tab content when on another tab.

    Does Brave look at the content of the sites visited, or is it purely advert-based? If it is only adverts, then that sounds great.

  2. Can you elaborate on this for me please? I have used Brave before but I deleted the browser. I’m just curious how I get started in earning BAT. I also use Coinbase as my crypto wallet.

    1. Re-download the browser. Click the little red triangle icon in the address bar. Then click reward settings and toggle them on. There should be a menu button in the same column. Click it and set the ads to max. Currently only available in desktop but mobile ads should be live very soon

    2. You can’t use coinbase for withdraws. They have a wallet called uphold that they transfer the BAT to.

      If you search for BAT and look for u/fishering’s post about it and brave, you can get more information. I don’t remember too many comments on it or upvotes though.

      He tells how you can get the BAT you earn from ads instead of sending it to the sites you use.

      Found the post for you, feel free to use my referral btw.

  3. just realized brave can install chrome extensions, i wonder if you can earn $ from extensions that intercept ads and still earn Bat from the browser?

  4. That’s pretty cool. I have a publisher account, but haven’t used the browser yet and the kind of sucky thing about being a publisher is that you don’t get paid in crypto. You get paid in fiat. (Basically, you earn crypto, but when you get paid each time, it is converted to fiat.)

    I mean, that might great for some people, but I’d actually rather have the BAT than dollars. =|

    1. You can get paid in BAT or a few other crypto currencies as a publisher, you actually get paid less for fiat. It’s in your settings, I’m getting paid in BAT for all my sites.

        1. In uphold, you have to change the currency under profile/preferences to BAT if you don’t want them to automatically convert the rewards to USD or other currencies.

    2. The browser is great now. They moved from muon to chromium and it runs extremely fast and smooth. Also im pretty sure you can toggle a setting in uphold where you can get paid in BAT rather than in cash if thats the option you prefer.

          1. I wasn’t sure how all the blocking Brave does works and if any of it broke TOS of websites

          2. Ah, like any adblocker, it can cause errors with offer tracking, so make sure to disable it.

  5. I deleted Brave after my initial payout. Working with Uphold wasn’t worth it.

    They need your license for verification, which I submitted. They then proceeded to tell me that a drivers license wasn’t a valid form of verification. Not that MINE wasn’t, but that ALL driver’s licenses weren’t on their list for verification. They said I needed to have a passport or state ID. After sending them 5 more pictures of my drivers license, as well as their OWN website, they e-mailed me back almost 2 weeks later saying “there was a watermark on your photo, if you send photos over again we can verify your account”. Didn’t even bother at that point.

    After browsing their forum, I guess a lot of people had the same issue. Sucks because Brave looks like it has a lot of potential… just not while working with Uphold.

    1. They are working on alternate kyc options (they have a partnership with Civic, for example) so those are on the way.

    2. They are working with other kyc partners and you might not have to go through with that hassle in the future. I have heard them mention they are looking into things like paid vpns and other premium content that you could use your points to pay for also if that interests you.

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