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5 Minute Copy/Paste Task for the First 200 Participants

Hello, I’m back after learning a great deal from the mistakes in my previous task. I’ve completely revamped the design of these tasks by implementing your feedback.

I aim to contribute many <5min copy/paste tasks to the /r/beermoney community in the coming months, and I will make sure each one is conducted with extreme transparency.

[This task]( is open to the first 200 people who participate, after which the task will close.

Please read the following rules:

* **Anyone can participate, even past participants.**
* This task collects tracking codes for Amazon orders placed **since Nov 5th, 2018**.
* **Participants will be paid $.25 for each tracking code** in their submission attached to such orders.
* The maximum payout is $5 per participant. Do not expect to reach the maximum, as this would require a very high volume of orders placed in the span of ~5 weeks.
* The submission requires two columns: **Order Date** and **Carrier Name & Tracking Number**.
* Since this task requires you to upload the Amazon data file, Google requires you to be signed in. Unfortunately can’t get around this annoying fact.

[**The task guides you in 4 steps right here.**](

Questions/feedback very welcome in the comments.

17 thoughts on “5 Minute Copy/Paste Task for the First 200 Participants

  1. Submitted 21 orders. Thanks!

    Didn’t expect it to be THAT easy, but I’m glad I found this sub.

    $5 ain’t much, but hey. That’s a meal.

    I got a 1 cent whopper yesterday so, who knows 😉

  2. I submitted codes. Forgive any possible caution but I will be keeping an eye on this due to the mishaps from before.

      1. Good faith would be providing everyone who did your task the 5 bucks and not just the people who voice their concerns the loudest…

  3. Submitted like 24 (for some reason two other orders didn’t have tracking numbers, maybe they were shipped in the same package and I think there’s some duplicates but I followed your instructions and submitted the result. I order way too much stuff from Vipon lol)

  4. I submitted about 3 codes for this month. I am not from the states but I order a lot from amazon and sends them to a shipping cart in california, so I hope that counts.

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