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A question about Cambly

Hi! I just had my first day teaching for Cambly today. Right as I was wrapping up, I had one student call in and things were a little weird. He asked if I was single almost right off the bat. Later, he asked if we could exchange whatsapp/facebook/etc… repeatedly. Like, almost begging. I told him no over and over and finally just told him I was disconnecting. Later I blocked his profile from visiting mine.

I guess this comes with the territory of being a female on the internet, but I guess I didn’t expect it so early. I’m just wondering if this is a common thing other Cambly tutors deal with and if I should expect it very often or if I just happened to get a weirdo on day one.

p.s. I also hear that dicks are common, somehow would have been less weird to see a dick than someone literally whining about why I wouldn’t give him my email address

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  1. Yeah, it happened occasionally. Usually they weren’t that persistent about asking for outside contact info, but I’d say maybe 80% of people asked about my dating life.

    Only saw one dick in months of doing it, though, so there’s that.

  2. Is there any video about the conversation? As I know, Cambly records your session so student can watch it and can fix his/her mistakes later. Do also teachers have access to those records? If yes, you may claim to Cambly staff with this evidence

    1. I’m not sure, but I did report his behavior so I think they’ll be able to pull up the video and see why which is good

  3. This is unfortunately common on ESL teaching platforms. Not only because they’re probably hitting on you, but they also don’t want to pay.

  4. There was another thread a while back that said Cambly was pretty bad. The main problem is it’s so informal, and people can get a free trial to try. And the general view of women in China is not the greatest. I can’t imagine the more formal/expensive (and higher paid) platforms would be nearly as bad though. Particularly the ones that deal with young children lol.

  5. I have no experience with Cambly but please do report them and don’t let it deter you from teaching further. Just end the call immediately next time when someone gets inappropriate.

    1. Thanks! looking back on it i definitely entertained it for waay too long, trying to change the subject etc. definitely should have called him out sooner which i think is the biggest lesson i learned.

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