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About the NCAA Offertoro mobile offers…

Hey, this post is addressing the current NCAA mobile offers found on Offertoro.

For those of you not aware of this offer in particular, the offer will pay you (usually $0.15-$0.25) to download the NCAA app, and then create a bracket after signing in/signing up. The thing that’s crazy about this offer is that you can actually complete this offer as many times as you want by creating new brackets.

There has been a lot of mixed opinions about this offer since it seems too good to be true, which is why several sites have been skeptical about letting users complete this offer since they are afraid that it might get reversed and nobody will actually receive payment.

We’ve seen offers like this one in the past. Not too often will we find repeatable easy high paying offers, but they do come around from time to time, and reversals are absolutely something to be concerned about.

If you’re worried about getting your credits reversed, we do have an update from an admin of a site who has confirmed that the site in particular will, “get paid for all them no matter what…Offertoro reviewed and said all fine.”

Of course someone might be able to say something and then have it get reversed after the fact anyways.

This is very good news though for those who have completed this offer several times.

**TL;DR – The offer won’t likely be getting reversed, keep making brackets :)**

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