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Advice and Inquiry about legally reselling for a profit at no expense

My Advice:

I decided I want to become a mini entrepreneur today.

I was selling some old things online and I actually made a decent amount of money from it. I sold a set of old board games that I never use for 5$, and some things I went dumpster diving with a friend for a couple of years ago. The store tosses new items out that they can’t sell (T-shirts, books, etc). The Harry Potter Merch costed about $30 in the store and we got them in new condition for free. I just sold two of them for $20 total. I sold a set of bean bag chairs that were gifted to me for $40 as a set. They both cost $30 each but sell for about $18 each online now. It’s a little shady in my opinion but if buyers don’t do the research I don’t think I’m entirely liable for that (I might only lose a little sleep). lol

It got me realizing that people will actually pay for things they don’t need. The saying one man’s junk is another man’s treasure comes to mind and its totally true.

So I started to formulate a few ways to obtain some new convertible treasure:

1. Apps that give away free things.
2. Dumpster diving in retail stores for new merchandise to resell (A little risky but not illegal as far as I know if someone tossed it).
3. Sweepstakes that you can enter to win free things you don’t want that someone else might.
4. Freebie sites that you can obtain free samples on
5. Local radio station contests to win tickets to resell online.
6. Local thrift stores might have some gems that are worth more than they’re going for (being knowledgeable on the value of certain items can benefit). You can help them by purchasing their stuff so its a win-win.
7. Garage sales usually sell things pretty cheap when they’re on a lawn. Some people don’t know the worth of what they have.

Someone else might find value in something they are willing to give away for free. Some small risk items might even be able to bought at a low price and resold for a couple dollars more if the owner doesn’t see the worth. I figure even if I only get $5 off of one item, that’s a profit for obtaining something for free. If they live far away and the item is small enough you can pay for the postage and include it in the selling price when you resell it so you don’t have to spend the gas to drive there. Items you can only resell for $5 might be the cost of the trip so it wouldn’t be worth it.

This works great for games too. I’m trying to save up GameStop points to purchase a gift card and the only real way to actually earn them is to trade in your games. If you can find people giving games away for free or super cheap, you can accumulate the points to cost up to a $25 dollar gift card. They also offer you points for checking in every day on the app (only 5 but that helps a little bit). Sometimes the stores have promotions too. Right now they are promoting a $100-$250 discount a Nintendo switch for trading in certain pricy items. I once found a PSP on sale for $20 on an app. If that item was a trade in I could put $100 towards a switch for a $20 PSP. That’s more or less $80 dollars off of a new system.

Little things like this add up and before you know it one day off dedicated to finding the items and selling them could give you a $50 dollar profit. I made $55 today alone from my own things that I didn’t want anymore and it was only four items around my house. If you find the right online market to sell you might be able to pay a bill in a day or two. It sounds like a bit of work but its probably the easiest way to earn money with the least amount of work.

My Questions:

1. Does anyone know of any more apps that people can give away free things on?
2. Does anyone have any ideas on where to obtain more free merchandise to sell?

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