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Airdrop Energi 100(NRG) worth 150$- Legit?

I’ve just saw Energi is doing a global airdrop of 100NRG
And as I’m a little new on this, I would like to know if this is true or just a scam.
I haven’t done any airdrop before and I would also like to know what do I have to know or to expect.

8 thoughts on “Airdrop Energi 100(NRG) worth 150$- Legit?

  1. If you are new to airdrops/crypto in general you should be careful. I’ll try it out right now and let you know what happens, but it looks like you will have to jump through quite a few hoops and open up a few accounts.

    1. Thanks! Can they just be fake?
      I have seen so many people advertising it, and I don’t really know it it’s legit

      1. They can definitely be fake. I’d like to believe that the scams mostly occurred in late 2017-early 2018 when prices were going crazy. Energi seems pretty legit and they are looking to get tens of thousands of people to participate in the airdrop. If they were trying to scam people, it wouldn’t make sense on their part because they’re putting so much effort into building a community. Hopefully it works out but who knows? I submitted my application, took about 20 minutes so if I make ~$150 that would be great. It will take some time to get approved though.

        1. Good thing to know! I will probably submit my application also, let’s see if this works!
          Thanks again 🙂

  2. Airdroppers severely overvalue their coins/tokens: if this does drop, it’s probably going to be worth less than ten cents.

  3. I think most of these air drops are worthless, but may get lucky. Once you sign up they’ll just keep bothering you to invest in the coin, but just ignore them.

  4. Energi says in there airdrop that it will be dropped once there quota for people participating is filled so who knows how long that will take

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