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Alternatives to Kinit

Sorry if this has been asked here. Feel free to share links.

I enjoy doing simple, small quick tasks like Kinit.
For my situation, I’m ok with small rewards/payouts (example $.50/day for a few minutes) – Kinit fits in my routine and now I need keep growing.

I appreciate it. Every little bit helps.

20 thoughts on “Alternatives to Kinit

    1. same here. I think that’s what they do. I told my girlfriend about it since they paid out. She’s regularly getting one a day, I get maybe 2 a week.

  1. What is “Kinit” – and where can I download it?

    Can’t seem to find it on Google or App Store. (EU, Germany) (Android)

    1. [Here’s]( (non-ref) the Playstore link for Kinit.

      But it’s US only. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Still possible to get it through another way by searching ‘Kinit APK’ in Google or similar. But it’s a pain in the ass to update if the app breaks if it’s out of date.

      I live in Singapore, but I have been using Kinit since it [first appeared here]( (Reddit Thread) on /r/beermoney. Somewhere in July according to [my spreadsheet]( (Google Docs).

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      1. A bit more lengthy and lower payout. While they more regularly have work, you frequently have to wait for them to restock good rewards before you can redeem anything. It works in the US.

          1. Nope. Occasionally AMC or iirc uber gift cards though. Usually just discount code crap and airBNB gift cards.

          2. They also have Google Play and Amazon, but obviously those tend to run out of stock quickly since they’re the most popular.

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