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Always on the road

So I work for a roadside assistance company. I know there are apps out there that are location dependant (Google opinion rewards works well for me) but curious which ones will really make me some good side income. I read through most of the FAQ and common beer money sites but I’m curious about apps. Thanks for the help and sorry for the long winded and unorganized post.

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  1. I’m pretty new to this but I just discovered and have been using sweatcoin for awhile. Sweatcoin is great if you walk a lot (at work I can get anywhere from 5-8k steps a day) but it’s only for their offers and generally only gets you half off those offers. Volkno is basically watching ads for cents that can be exchanged for amazon gift cards. I’m very skeptical of most things but neither of those require much info which is nice and not location dependent at all.

  2. I like using the Receipt apps especially when I’m on the road, since work reimburses me for my food and gas.

    Specifically for my gas receipts I’m getting just over 18 cents per receipt after putting them into ReceiptPal, ~~ReceiptHog~~, Coinout, Fetch Rewards, Swagbucks Answer, and a new app I’m testing called ShopperCoin. [Edit: most of my ReceiptHog gas receipts didn’t give me coins, just sweepstakes entries, oops]

    There are also the TruNow and GetUpside apps for gas receipts that get me about another 20 cents per gas receipt, minimum. (GetUpside is a great earner for gas purchases and fast food, assuming you get reimbursed for your gas/food and that you can find a gas station/restaurant on their list).

    1. Should pair this tactic with a credit card that offers decent cash back for dining and gas stations! Unless you have a company card of course lol

    2. > ShopperCoin

      [assuming this is the right one]( it looks fairly interesting. shows in their app description that they offer gift cards. any word on how good they are at keeping stock of GC’s? hate to end up in a dabbl/kinit situation far as inventory issues..

      edit: apparently from the comments shoppercoin requires a copy of your license in order to cash out for agift card? hm.

      1. That’s the right one. I haven’t got to cash out yet so I’m not sure about their stock or needing to give a license to cash out. Although [apparently it’s true]( looking closer through their app. Sheesh. 🙁

        1. a selfie just seems bizzare on it’s own (as in, what are they using those images for?), the ID i can kind of get thinking back to gpt sites far as tax purposes. but that’s a different deal.

          but for a random newly published app. i don’t know. i kind of see why the other users were raising eyebrows. also their cut and paste responses to people commenting on google play doesn’t help either lol

          1. In the FAQ in the app, they say:

            >**Why is KYC Verification necessary?**
            >Shoppercoin will soon transition into a blockchain based ledger which will allow to send and receive ShopperCoin between users. To adhere to Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) compliance, KYC is necessary.

            LOL. I guess they’re collecting the info for something that may never get implemented. That’s kind of sketchy.

          2. i’m not honestly into the whole crypto coin game to be honest. so for those who are into these things, they might see this as “oh you dummies this is great listen me out” but yeah, i might take a pass on the whole deal lol

            yet i used kinit. but i never used any of the ‘kin’ in any sort of trade outs or anything. just currency to equal whatever the price was for their rewards, well. when they (the gift cards) weren’t scrubbed out in 30 seconds or less from the shop.

          3. I’m not really either, I’m starting to read into some of it but I’m in the same boat as you. If your service uses “crypto” that I cash out for gift cards, I can understand that part. Lol

    3. This could actually work. I get a gas receipt every day at work. (We fill up our trucks daily) ao what would you say your overall monthly income is from this?

  3. Smart man or woman! I just got the Uber visa for 4% back at bars and restaurants. Love it thus far for a fee free card

  4. I actually think Acheivement is pretty decent. It pays for health activity, but you can just link it to your phone’s health app/pedometer and let it rack up points while you go about life. If you do 10,000 steps daily, it would take you a year to get 10 dollars, but as it is 100% passive, it’s not a bad app for beermoney!

    1. I had this for a while but deleted it because it just wasn’t fast enough. I mean $10 a year is crazy low lol

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