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Any article writing revenue sharing sites still exist?

Back in the day from like 2005-2012 there were quite a few sites where you could write articles based off title requests and earn passive residual income off them. Some even offered payment if they sold your article for usage on another site on top of revenue sharing.

Back between like 2007-2010 I was easily making a few hundred dollars a month off residual income on sites like Associated Content, Helium, and Demand Studios (DS also paid like $30 an article most of the time instead rev shares). Then all of those sites folded.

I was able to move many articles under non-exclusive rights to other sites like Bukisa and InfoBarrel but came to find they eventually “changed their system” kept the articles up but stopped paying revenue shares!

So basically, are there any sites like Helium and Associated Content left?

6 thoughts on “Any article writing revenue sharing sites still exist?

  1. There’s steemit but it’s not exactly pay per post or article. There’s a formula where they determine the value of your posts. It’s quite confusing but I done rather well off a series of posts on collecting precious metal bearing components from electronic scrap

    They pay out in the sites crypto currency then you can convert it to bitcoin or what ever and convert to cash

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  2. Not quite the same but I only have a few articles on Medium and I usually get at least a few bucks a month from them. You can write whatever you want, basically, the model they use is getting paid based on how many paying subscribers “clap”/like an article. The catch is they choose what gets curated into their main categories and the articles that do tend to be the ones that pay out well. Nice semi-passive income stream though.

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