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Any creative / fun ways to earn extra money online?

Just got a Nintendo Switch for my b-day and I’m trying to get some pocket money to buy a new game or two 🙂

I’m in the process of learning pixel art which is a great experience since it doesn’t necessarily have as high of an ‘entry-level’ as regular / digital art and once you get good enough you can do commissions and whatnot.

Any other ideas, possibly stuff that doesn’t need as much experience or skill?

32 thoughts on “Any creative / fun ways to earn extra money online?

  1. buying and selling thrifted or auctioned items can be lucrative if you have the knowledge or research ability to find items of value. Creating items to sell can be learned easily if there is a market a profit could be found.

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  2. A quick and sometimes fun way to earn money is Amazon Mechanical Turk. You can make $10 a day doing small surveys and tasks for a few hours, so you’d be able to get a new game pretty quick. Verification can take a while though, and money transfers aren’t quick.

    1. For me, money transfers happen within 24-48 hours and if you’re transferring it to Amazon, less than 24 hours, usually 12. So, ymmv.

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