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Any Earning Websites with a Google WALLET Cashout Option?

PayPal is bigger and more well known, but in my opinion, Google Wallet is the best one out there just because of better bank support.

11 thoughts on “Any Earning Websites with a Google WALLET Cashout Option?

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  2. i don’t trust any of them. i’m curious though what the advantage to google wallet is. particularly for someone who isn’t heavily vested in the google ecosystem…? What’s this about bank support , dwolla and paypal work fine with any bank I’ve tried.

    1. Google Wallet has Insatnt Bank Transfer
      PayPal Doesn’t (As far as I know)
      Google Wallet has Debit Card Deposit
      PayPal Doesn’t
      Every time you receive Money in Google Wallet it goes right into the bank
      PayPal Doesn’t

      See the trend?

      Never used Dwolla, what’s the goods of Dwolla? What GPT site supports them?

      1. paypal does have instant transfer now but there is 25 cents fee.

        dwolla i am not sure. have never used personally.

        i guess end of the day it comes down to who you trust more – google or paypal. that’s a shit situation!

          1. Why dont they accept your bank? My bank is a small , local one from the middle of nowhere in south texas. lol.. I did it no problem..

          2. Oh alright. Guess no sites really use google wallet. I’m interested in using it . Currently using PayPal

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