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Any sites or apps where you can tap to get money?

Basically, what the title says. I’m just looking for an app for where you have to keep tapping for points then you can cash out. The concept of the app should you know be like Cookie Clicker. except, with the cashing out part added in.

11 thoughts on “Any sites or apps where you can tap to get money?

  1. UENTO is basically this, but a pretty big waste of time. Only those that tap the most in a period of time make a decent amount of points.

      1. Not good. 100 points = $1, and the taps aren’t very lucrative unless you do it 24/7, but they do have several offerwalls and a lockscreen, so it may be better for you.

        1. when the usual moneymakers are down i can see it benefiting. knowing me however i’ll probably forget the whole thing in a week.

    1. Alright, I’m curious, how does something like this work? Do you just tap on a button over and over? Do you watch ads in between tapping on something? How is a company able to gain revenue from you basically clicking on something over and over?

      1. It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but I believe they show plenty of ads while you tap. The game works in a period of one or two days, with the people that tap the most in that time earning the most. Even they don’t make much.

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  3. I doubt there are any apps like that due to the easy nature of botting it. Sorry I can’t help you out, let me know if you find one :]

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