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Any tips to make money from stock photos?

What are the best of these websites? I take decent photos and want some side money to cover Adobe subscriptions.

5 thoughts on “Any tips to make money from stock photos?

  1. Stock is absolutely not dead. Its better than ever. Its just that there is so much out there, it can be hard to get a foothold with all the competition. You need to get creative. For example, if you know a little photoshop you can make mockups and mockup bundles. Check out Creative Market, The Hungry JPEG, Envato, and Design Bundles. I sell clipart on these and on Etsy for a living – it is my full time job and I do very well. Just get creative, find the trends, the demand for digital imagery is sky high!

  2. Apply to a bunch of different sites. I know a couple – istock, shutterstock. The approval and image submission process can be difficult (lots of photos get rejected) so you might want to look at the websites forums and see what other users say. Knowing photoshop is important to retouch the photos to get the best quality.

  3. The stock image market isn’t what it used to be. 2005-2012 I was pulling in $500-800 a month in beer money. Now I’m getting $25 a month. When I started there were about 10 million images for sale. Now it’s well over a billion. The market is saturated and you don’t stand a chance if you can’t get on the first page of a search return.

    The last batch of photos I uploaded was in 2015 and I spent 30 hours shooting and retouching them. I haven’t even hit $10 in royalties on those yet.

    Stock is dead.

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