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Any unbabel alternatives?

I’ve made around 100$ from translating on Unbabel, but I still need more to afford the thing I want. Since unbabel’s task are generally from hotels and stuff, sometimes they’ll run out of tasks for us to do.
I’ve run out of tasks to do, so I cant make more money for now.
Is there any Unbabel alternatives where you translate texts?

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  1. might be able to help you find some posts or comments in here with similar sites.

    [This search](,beermoneyglobal&searchtype=posts,comments&search=true&start=1483250400&end=NaN&size=100) shows all posts and comments that mention Unbabel in the last 2 years, in the hopes that somebody mentioned similar sites in the same thread. You can also change the search term to Translate, Translation, etc until you find some good results. Good luck

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