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Anyone getting more tasks on Indian English project?

I was doing this Indian English Audio validation project and then a message showed up saying there are no more tasks available. I’ve seen a lot of people here talk about getting banned, so does this mean I got banned?

Edit: u/JacobDefinedCrowd can you please help with this problem? Some people are still getting the tasks and the project’s status shows active on my dashboard.

21 thoughts on “Anyone getting more tasks on Indian English project?

  1. This also just happened to me today. This was my first task ever since signing up months ago so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought the tasks actually did ran out when I got the message, so I didn’t think anything more of it. I really hope you’re wrong about being banned.

    1. I don’t think we are banned. I guess we are just stuck in the middle because people who got banned said that if one gets banned from a particular project, their project status doesn’t show active and they can’t see that project on their dashboard anymore. So yeah, I guess we got stuck in the limbo :/

  2. What is this indian English project? And Where to do it? I am Indian too and want to make some money online but survey sites and testing sites don’t favour us.

    1. Sign up on [Neevo]( and there you will find a Text Audio Validation project.

      For each task in this project, you will see a text and audio will get played. You will have to check whether the audio matches the text exactly and the speaker is Indian.

      You get paid $0.01 for each task and you can earn around $5-6/hour. This site is amazing if you are looking for some extra income 🙂

  3. Did the project when it first came 3 weeks ago still haven’t been paid yet and waiting for more work. You got paid on paytm?

    1. I got paid via PayPal. Did you get the same message as me when you first did the project and how many tasks did you do?

        1. Are you talking about the generic project where it asks your paytm number? If so, I haven’t done that one yet. Planning on to do it tommorrow.

          1. Ah that’s not a project even I thought the same all they require is your paytm number for future payments which is still cool as we avoid the PayPal fees.

    1. How many tasks do you generally get? I signed up a few days ago and was doing around 1.5k task a day from the past 3 days.

      1. I’ve done over 12k and got paid for them but since then I’ve not done even a 100 tasks. I only get 10-20 at a time when I check. Thankfully there are other tasks right now.

        1. You mean other projects? If so, which one are you working on currently? I have only two projects on my dashboard, audio validation and generic paytm project. There was an audio classification project a few days ago but failed that one two times 🙁 Don’t even know what I am doing wrong.

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