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Anyone have recent experience with Prolific able to assist?

I’ve created and verified an account. Past that, I’ve tried several times to complete the demonstration study only to be met with “awaiting review” which disappears when the page is reloaded. Furthermore, the screening questions/about you section is simply expanding as I attempt to complete it as I assume is necessary. Starting to the the sneaking suspicion that I’m simply being data-mined. Have I made an error? ( is the site I’m utilizing)

11 thoughts on “Anyone have recent experience with Prolific able to assist?

  1. Don’t worry you’re not being data mined. The questions just help you qualify for more surveys. However, the vast majority of prolific surveys come from colleges/universities, and with it being summer vacation for most now, the surveys will likely slow down a bit until the fall.

    I personally have made about $15 from prolific in the last month or so.

  2. I have personally made 60$ or something like that from them. So they are (or at least were) legit. When I recently tried getting back into it, I had the same experience as yours. When I was more active before, I wouldn’t get too many surveys. It was at most 2 per day and sometimes nothing for a week.

  3. I’ve made 30 bucks off of prolific by simply just logging in every day and checking for surveys, the prescreening questions for me have just been neverending to, but when you have some free time or if your just doing nothing, take the time to do them because then you’ll get more surveys.

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  5. some demo questions are dependent on others so it’s normal to keep getting more of them. eventually they will run out.

    this will vary depending on your demos, but at least for me there’s not much work on prolific. I had 20 surveys this month, and i usually have much less than that.

      1. Not sure if its necessary, but I believe you get more surveys if you do since you will fit into more criteria.

  6. yeah i just created an account too, and there were like over 100 questions before it stopped asking. i have gotten some good surveys, but it’s not a lot of money, as someone else said. I’m probably just going to cash out with what i’ve got (only about $10) and then stop using it

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