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Appen Speech Collection Project (more work than stated up front, so I quit!!)

So this isn’t the first time I’ve participated in an Appen Speech Collection Project. In the past, I simply recorded like 300 phrases for $15 and that seemed fair to me.

Well, this time the rate was $12 for 225 phrases. They said they needed more recordings of US accents. So I re-downloaded their app and began the project…

…Only to see that they also wanted you to “transcribe” every one of your recorded phrases!

See, for this project the recordings would vary, because they were like, “Describe how you would respond in X scenario.”

But I can’t *believe* they’re trying to get people to also do the transcription part, for the same payment rate! (Well, actually I totally can believe it, but y’know.)

It said it would take an hour to complete the project but I think it’d take at least two. No-go for me.

Since I don’t plan on doing more Appen projects in the future anyway I have half a mind to complain about the rudeness of them billing a project as “voice recording” when it was actually “voice recording and transcribing.”

How about if they want transcriptions, they pay *someone else* $12 to do that part?

I guess they’re just not into paying a living wage ever since the buyout.

Sorry, just wanted to vent!!

13 thoughts on “Appen Speech Collection Project (more work than stated up front, so I quit!!)

  1. Yep, they keep emailed me too. Since English is not my native, it takes me to thinking and its not worth it. I just ignore them.

  2. Yes I think it’s not fair, however there are softwares that transcribe while you speak, all in automatic, you have to teach the software your voice first then it writes by it’s self, all you have to do after is proof read it and done! did you think about that option?

  3. My fiance is doing an on going speech collection task for 6 weeks, it has taken so long just to complete the first batch with all the transcriptions, way longer than the time they said it would take to complete. Don’t think he’s going to continue with it, not worth it.

  4. This company has been pissing me off lately. I did one of these and never got paid for it at all and adhered to exactly what they wanted. They never even said anything about it not passing or it going through, just took the data for free. There went about two hours of work. Don’t even see the project in my history or anything, and in my history I noticed over 34$ being held from me over the past two years. I emailed support and I am waiting still. Probably not doing work with them again, how can one guarantee payouts with a company that does stuff like that

  5. I got the same project this morning and didn’t do it. Waaay too much work for too little pay. I had other things to do today that earned better.

  6. Yeah I got one for spanish that stated 871 recordings in about 3 hours. It took about 7 or 8 hours with the transcription.

  7. I have the 800+ one and I was super peeved that they wanted the transcription as well. Currently the deadline has been extended to the 18th but I’m ambivalent about completing it. It’s rather tedious after the hundredth time

    I also did a really short one without transcription for $4 but not heard anything about payment yet. I don’t really care for their system- you submit work and never know what stage it’s at in the approval process until they decide to email you with payment.

  8. Man I got a $52 USD 893task speech/transcription job that tells me it takes three hours to complete. I have put five hours into it and some only 460 tasks. It is extremely frustrating, has taken me forever, and it ended today so I’m not going to get paid for it.

  9. Yep. I did some of these projects before, but now ever since they’ve started requiring transcription it’s a no for me. Specially when they say it’ll take you three hours but looks like 5 at least, for so little pay. No thanks!

  10. Same problem over here. I’m to record over 800 phrases and transcribe them on my phone. They estimated it would be 180 min to complete – not a chance! It took me almost two hours to complete 100. I’ve been with them a while and this is ridiculous.

    Edit: I also have a newborn so I admit that makes the process extra slow for me.

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