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Appsthatpay LLC and relatives apps are scam

hi everyone one.
I just want you to know that appsthatpay and relatives apps such as Zap surveys, fish for money are not legit apps.
I request a chekout of 25$ from zap surveys some days ago. I haven’t received anything yet on my PayPal account. has been passed more than 7 days. the payment proof tool on their site doesn’t work and their fb page saw my messages but didn’t respond.
don’t trust them or you are gonna lose your precius time

6 thoughts on “Appsthatpay LLC and relatives apps are scam

  1. Just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean it’s a scam. Jeez people are so quick to judge and say anything nowadays, I’m not saying it’s legit but maybe you should scout around and see what you can find, also why use something if you’re not going to make sure it’s real first?

  2. I got my $25.00 amazon gift card 3 or 4 days after requesting it once. Thanks for posting this and I’ll reconsider my options

    1. did you request your cashout recently or times ago ?
      Maybe i’ll try to request an Amazon gift card the next time. in case of payment i will provided to edit this post. thanks for sharing your experience

      1. I think I cashed out 1 or 2 months ago. I emailed support and a lady responded telling sometimes it takes up to a week to get it through. This time I’m getting my reward through PayPal. Hopefully it works. They sent me an email saying it’ll take 2 to 3 business days

        1. Yes i received the email too.
          I tried to contact them via email, fb page, live chat on their site but none of those have worked.
          I searched online for payment proof but I didn’t find anything helpful. I was losing hope so I wrote this post, but maybe it’s too early to condamn them.

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