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Are r/giftcardexchange usually slow to respond?

I’ve got a $100 amazon GC I want to get rid off and turn into Bitcoin, as I don’t have anything I really need from Amazon. I messaged the modmail a week ago for the pre-approval process and they haven’t responded, so I wonder if they’re normally like this or if I have to go find somewhere else to find giftcards?

10 thoughts on “Are r/giftcardexchange usually slow to respond?

  1. I think [this comment]( I left recently is probably one of the most accurate updates about what’s going on now, but GCX is slowly working on getting better… not necesarily better at responding, but making it so that we have less to respond to. It’s hard to explain, but we have a modmail that’s usually hundreds or even over a thousand, and we just don’t have the time to go through it all, and most of it is for silly things that are a waste of time for us to have to look into, and that’s just because of how the rules are.

    Things should be getting better over there soon enough.

  2. As u/fishering would tell you, they are understaffed and have a ton of modmails to go through. It might take a little time. You can also try /r/GCTrading

  3. Tbh yeah. It’s hard to get like bids, I’m selling a 100 nike card right now and the replies are slow to come in and time is wasted.

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