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Are there any websites which pay you to contribute to a knowledge base?

I’ve read that Quora has a Partner Program which pays users to ASK questions.

Some of them seem to make a pretty good living out of it.
Is there a website out there which would pay users to ANSWER questions in a structured knowledge base format?

(like the ones you find in HELP sections of popular services, powered by HelpScout or FreshDesk).
Not on a generic Q&A format.

23 thoughts on “Are there any websites which pay you to contribute to a knowledge base?

  1. It might be a little more extensive than what you are interested in but there is a site called []( that pays you to research and provide answers and data to assigned questions from paid users on a wide variety of topics. I haven’t personally applied and I’ve seen mixed reviews over time but may be worth looking into.

  2. There’s a website (I can’t recall the name) that pays out in crypto for answering questions. It works by one person posing a question with a bounty and the highest voted answers earn the bounty. I believe the currency used is XLM. You can probably Google it.

    1. >Masmic

      Thanks for sharing, interesting one.

      Not ground breaking in terms of content I would say… more a chat-like conversation than real insights πŸ™‚

  3. Medium pays by the number of “claps” (or vote) your article receive. I haven’t tested it yet but unlike Quora PP, Medium Partner Program is open to anyone.

  4. I’m not sure what this is what you are looking for, but check out [SimplrFlex]( I don’t work for them (it is on my list of things to do when I have more free time), but it looks like you answer tickets for companies. So it is probably people asking you how to return something, and you just look up the company’s return policy. From what I heard you get paid $1.5 per ticket and someone says they make between $12-$20 per hour. Not sure about the amount of work they have though.


    Another one you could keep an eye on is [Limitless]( I applied to work on their Microsoft project, but they filled all their positions before I finished my testing. Not sure how often they open up jobs.

    1. I answer questions on To expand on this I have a contract as a content expert (psychology). I make $2 per question answered and obviously some require more work than others. If you meet the requirements of a content expert it’s not terrible for beer money.

  5. Wiki kinda cornered the market on that one and they do it for free.


    I guess some company’s might want it doing but normally that would be an internal thing as it would mean having people outside the company knowing all the ins and outs of procedure. i’m talking about things that get handed out to staff so they know how to deal with stuff when i worked as a pc repair person for a franchise operation there was a internal staff wiki with exactly how everything should be done (including when and what to upsell) put it this way it did’nt make the company look good when its procedures where laid bare.

  6. Yes, digital ocean pays up to $300 per article if you do a walkthrough tutorial of one of their technologies, particularly kubernetes is hot right now.

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