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Are you getting surveys from Prolific?

I was getting 2-3 surveys a day. But this month, however, I haven’t got any. Is there something wrong with prolific? Are you getting surveys?

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  1. I got 4 this morning. Remember to always check out your profile and update it. They will have new questions and I guess they use the profile answer to match you to the surveys.

  2. I’ve never gotten 2-3 a day, more like 2-3 a week. Some weeks more, some weeks less. I still get surveys from them.

  3. i haven’t been keeping the site/tab open most of this month, so i’m sure i’ve missed that extra..2 per day/week or whatever variable.

    so far i’ve attempted two for july, one is in pending. the other i sent back to the pit because they wanted 12 tons of work for a measly 40 cents.

      1. Dunno man, most of my studies are from researchers based in U.K.

        A lot of social/psychological/financial surveys.

        6 is definitely not typical for one day though it’s more like 1-3 normally but it depends how often I check it, I don’t get notified consistently about surveys.

        1. Are you female by chance, or part of a minority? I’m Hispanic which I typically get some surveys about, but you get a ton! Congrats

          1. Nahh late 20s white Scotsman, a fairly generic human in all other aspects. Maybe generic is my usp hah. Do you check your profile often? Had half a dozen new attributes/variables to update on my “about you” section earlier and I usually keep it at 100%

  4. I’ve got the opposite; most of the time I get surveys every week or every other week and rarely get the day where I get 2-4 surveys in.

  5. I’m not getting much this month. In June I made about $40, which is good considering I don’t always have it open in another tab. This month so far I have only made $10. I used to get surveys all the time, not sure what’s going on

  6. It’s the summer break for most academic insitutions right now, so there won’t be many surveys to do. It should pick up more when the school year starts again.

  7. I haven’t really kept track, but I do feel like I’ve been getting less opportunities than usual so far in July than I did back in June. I only check a couple of times a day though, so its possible I’m just missing a bunch of them.

  8. I signed up a few days ago and am yet to get a survey. 🙁 32 F from midwest. No trouble qualifying elsewhere.

  9. I gave up on Prolific. I never received any surveys. I don’t know if it had to do with my profile or something else.

  10. I’ve had 3 today but you have to be really fast getting them, most are filled in less than a minute. I average about £25 a month usually

  11. I have been getting a few studies for the last week or so. I made $40.20 since 06/28. 07/06 was dead for me and yesterday, my computer was disconnected from the internet for several hours so I am assuming I missed out on a couple. Good luck, it should pick up soon.

  12. I got 2 yesterday, 2 today and sadly missed a 3rd good paying one, as soon as I logged in didn’t reserve in time …. has been slower than last month, but they still trickle in.

  13. Got 3 in one day a couple days ago. Get notified every other day or so. I get better numbers by checking the site rather than waiting for notification.

  14. I’ve made $6.77 on there for the month so far, but that’s only for 4 days, 3 of which I just logged in once. I normally keep the tab open for most of the work day M-F and make… a lot more than that.

    All that said, it’s summer. Research studies always slow down this time of year.

  15. I got one last night/early this morning, that was a really good one, but I fell asleep and didn’t finish it. Kinda pissed because the payout was nice. It’s very random, some days I get like 1 or 2, others 3 -6.

  16. Prolific is my best earner, but I’m not as hardcore as some others on this sub. They mostly show up during normal weekday ‘work hours’, and rarely on weekends. It’s also based on your demographic, and how you answer questions on a previous survey, as many survey sites are.

  17. Yes it is working fine. I woke up to 4 studies in my inbox. I had 2 yesterday.

    I average approximately 2-3 a day.

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