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Aussies, what are some good passive earning websites?

3 thoughts on “Aussies, what are some good passive earning websites?

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  2. I made my site as a global site (well global except for America) but I am an Aussie so I don’t actually have any idea how well the linked offers perform in most countries. However I do know they are pretty excellent here in Australia.

    As for passive earning, many of the offers are passive (the first 5 PC offers as well as the entire Android section are all passive or at least relatively passive) and more importantly: I am pretty sure that is every passive offer that we have access to here in Aus. Well, every relevant offer at least as there are some that do the same as some of those I cite, but pay less. There is no point in listing the lower paying options imo.

    Anyway, if you want to take a look, [this is my site]( (sorry about the ads – making that thing took a fair bit of effort and I’d like some sort of remuneration for it. The high paying places tend to not have referral schemes to earn from).

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