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Just thought I’d let you know that Amazon’s Assistant Browser extension is giving away $5 dollars in amazon credit if you check in with it five days in a row.

Not really something you can grind like most of the sites and apps on this sub, but five bucks is five bucks even if it's just credit lol The imgur link is just a screen shot of what I'm talking about. ​ []( Edit: It seems that this might only


Does anyone use If so, how do you get the most points? I find myself streaming their video playlists, but only get like 5-25/cents a day. Any other ways to increase your pts?

Test drive a Hyundai for $50 gift card (possibly US only)

Hyundai does a promotion where they will give you a $50 Visa card if you simply test drive one of their vehicles at a Hyundai dealership. I did this last year and made an easy $50. I just heard the advertisement again yesterday. Last time I went, I told the

Idle Empire TF2 Idling

Has anyone managed to receive points from idle empire for being on their server? I had set it up to go for a few hours but when I checked again recently I received zero points from doing this. Any advice? ​ thank you

Selling Computing Power

What are good programs (for Linux) that enable users to sell their PC's CPU computing power? ​ I've heard of BOINC, but that is to donate processing power for research purposes. I'd like to sell my processing power. I'm not looking into cryptocurrency mining or programs that require a GPU.