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Any unbabel alternatives?

I've made around 100$ from translating on Unbabel, but I still need more to afford the thing I want. Since unbabel's task are generally from hotels and stuff, sometimes they'll run out of tasks for us to do. I've run out of tasks to do, so I cant make more money

Grouchy today – What I don’t like about surveys (add yours)

1. Answer boxes so tiny that you have to hit the precise spot or it doesn't register. 2. Matrix questions, especially those that are so large that the headers roll off the screen and you cannot see what you are answering. 3. Progress bars that go like 10,20,30,40,40,40,40,40... 4. Surveys that end "Would


What retailers do they offer when redeeming? There aren’t any in my area so I may be forced to do PayPal with their insane 50% fee. I’m curious if I should hold off until I’m in an area where I can use it. I’m at $16.98. Giving them $8.49 makes

Low quality Swagbucks surveys?

I'm newish to swagbucks, and so far I've been really frustrated by them. I haven't been qualifying for many surveys, which I get it, it happens, but I've mostly just been grinding filling out my a/s/l only to disqualify and get 1 swagbuck. This last survey just has me fed up

S’more App not working

Stop gaining daily lockscreen points ever since the 13th. Also there is a -10 point "location incentive" on the 9th, no idea what this is, but I've seen others with the same problem. Anyone still getting points or is it just me?

iCash Pro: Get Paid to Play Games

Hey guys, I came across this app while searching for something else on Play Store. Even though, I have not received my first payout yet (short of few cents) from this app, I just thought of sharing here as I can see payment notifications shown on the app itself. ​ **iCash Pro: How

1st week on Mturk

I just finished my 1st week on mturk I spent about 2-3 hours a day on and off. I work a normal 9-5 job full time. So in between work tasks and watching TV once im home I just chill with the laptop and do some HITS. I am currently

Survey Merchandiser

Hey, take a look at this retail merchandising app from Survey if you don’t already have it. I’ve done $12.50/hr - $15/hr store resets as well as quick 15-60 minute projects that pay $4-$25 with them. You choose the assignments that fit your schedule from the available shop list in