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Product testing companies?

I know this is less of a way to make money and more about getting free product with some bonus cash sometimes, but does anyone have any good product testing companies they’ve done work for? Don’t recall seeing those in the sidebar so I apologize if I missed something.

Can someone do beermoney sites in a public library?

Do libraries allow it? I have a feeling they will probably block the sites if I try to make money online in those places. If this is the case, does anyone know where someone can make money online in a public place? Edit: Thanks guys.

Are there any Mturk alternatives?

Mturk is one of the few sites I've seen that works well and consistently. The problem is I moved out of the US recently and I didn't realize it would become such a pain in the neck to get paid. I was kind of relying on this to subsidize my trip... Does is a scam

I signed up for a []( account to try to make a bit of extra side money. It seemed pretty easy, sign up, answer questions, get paid. I first became suspicious when most of the "surveys" I was receiving were about online banking, and they wanted me to log in

Any downside to putting a lot of Amazon giftcards on Amazon?

I usually trade my Amazon giftcards for Paypal, but I'm saving up for some things. I've put a lot of giftcards into Amazon these past couple of months. Just want to make sure there is no downside to this correct? They won't lock my account or something for putting in

YouGov E-Gift Card delivery?

How long does it usually take to get the Amazon card from YouGov. It's already been over 12 days and I was wondering if anyone else had this issue.

App that pays people to run

As someone who enjoys running regularly, I have found just the app for me. It is a running app + social media platform for runners all across the world called Runtopia. This app works on giving out points to the user that be redeemed for different rewards in their store.