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Product Report Card

So I’ve had a bit over $50 pending in my account for about 2 months now. Should I stop hoping that it will be released?


Did bing get rid of the internet browser search? I only see the mobile search only.

$20 for someone to find me a purchasing link to these shoes

I dont know if this is allowed here, but I'm desperate. My girlfriend really wants these shoes for Christmas and because I have procrastinated, everywhere I look is sold out. They are leopard slip on platform vans with fur size 8. If someone can find me a link where I

Can I click my own shortened links?

I have been reading up on adfly and bitly and I was wondering, if I am sitting at my PC playing a Turn based game or Digital TCG. Can I have a second monitor open and click my own link to let as ad play and repeat (it won't be

Hi, I’m Vik Tailor – One of the Co-Founders of GrabPoints – AMA

Hello Redditors! My name is Vik Tailor and I am one of the co-founders of For those of you who don't know, GrabPoints allows users to earn points for completing surveys, watching videos & completing offers. Once you've collected enough points, redeem a reward and receive directly to your

5 Minute Copy/Paste Task for the First 200 Participants

Hello, I'm back after learning a great deal from the mistakes in my previous task. I've completely revamped the design of these tasks by implementing your feedback. I aim to contribute many <5min copy/paste tasks to the /r/beermoney community in the coming months, and I will make sure each one is