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Prizerebel: Not qualified for innovate?

So, I just got onto PrizeRebel to get a Wizard101 card. I found that the "Innovate" categorie has the most rewarding surveys. HOWEVER, every time I click on one, it says " Unfortunately, you do not meet the qualifications for this survey. Please select another survey from the list. "

How would you monetize 340.000 active Venezuelan followers?

Hello, Im a Youtuber from Venezuela, I have more than 340.000 followers and I would like to monetize them, but I have some issues, because my followers are from Venezuela. Venezuela is passing trough a very difficult situation, salary is like 3$ a month, so people don't have money to buy

Quora partnership program review

Forty questions and I've earned 3 dollars. The thing is though - that money was earned by about eight questions that happened to blow up. Probably not worth it, but if you're an expert on something like SEO (searching engines basically) I

Do Not Make Coinbase Posts

##Coinbase posts break **multiple** rules: * [Rule 6]( - Don’t resubmit ANY websites that have already been posted IN 2019 without new and useful information to share with the community. Search before you submit to see if someone has already posted about it in 2019. * [Rule 10]( - Crypto stuff is

If you’re having trouble redeeming gift cards through VolKno

For over a week I’ve been attempting to redeem a gift card through the site but it won’t let me. Today I got an email saying this: Thanks for touching base. Unfortunately we recently had a security breach and someone drained our amazon reward account. We are currently in the process

Product Testing Websites

Does anyone know any reliable product testing sites available for US customers? By product testing I mean they send you stuff to keep and you review it for money. I’ve been doing surveys for a while now, but a physical product test would be fun to do as well!

Best affiliate, or better video watching site?

So I like []( because it just scrolls videos with minimal interaction. It also lets you choose which affiliate to cash out to, but the pay is so scant on the site I'm using. I'm wondering if someone figured out the best site to use it in conjunction with, or