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Banned from Amazon for Using Gift Cards from Swagbucks

This is an update on [this post]( I will be referring to screenshots throughout the post which can be found at the bottom of the post.

It has been 2 weeks since Amazon banned my account by claiming that the gift cards I earned from Swagbucks were against their [Terms & Conditions]( ([Screenshot 1](, I have only used Swagbucks gift cards). According to Amazon, the investigation is open and should be closed within 24 hours. However, they have been saying this for the past week. The account verification team at Amazon has sent me the same email multiple times and told me to fax over proof from the original purchasers of the gift card even though I have twice costing me about $50 ([Gallery 1](

I have contacted Swagbucks concerning this matter and they have not been any help either. I emailed them and have not received any response. However, I am fine with this since it is clearly much more of an issue with Amazon at this point. I called Amazon, they told me to wait 24 hours for an email response back. Nothing. I called again and was told to wait 1-3 business days, nothing. I called again and they said they have put in a request to expedite the investigation (since I am moving across the country in 3 days and was relying on Amazon to stock most of the stuff in my new dorm room and own a business that relies on Amazon to acquire packaging) and to wait 24 hours for a call back, nothing. Every time I call, they ask for the same information, tell me the same empty promises, and that’s it.

Today I finally managed to talk to a supervisor over the phone. She tells me that they are in no position to expedite the investigation, cannot contact the Address Verification department by phone (only a contact form), and that this should have been resolved a week ago (24 hours after the investigation opened). She told me the same thing everyone else has been telling me for the past 2 weeks. If it is not resolved within the next 24 hours, I have to call back. I have never received an email from the Account Verification team at Amazon except for the ones linked in this post. None of the emails were sent after the investigation was opened. Ironically enough, I discovered the gift cards I used were sent from Amazon themselves ([proof]( I need this to be resolved soon but no one is helping me in this situation. I am posting this on several subreddits to hopefully bring attention to the matter and actually get my account back.

It has been a little over 2 weeks and I am an Amazon Prime member. Once I get my account back, I hope I will also be compensated for the lost time that was caused by these false accusations from Amazon.


[Original Post](

[Amazon Gift Card Terms & Conditions](

[Screenshot 1 (Amazon’s Account Closure Email)](

[Gallery 1 (Amazon’s repeated emails that are of no help. This is what they send every time I contact Amazon through email)](

[Proof of Gift Cards Coming Directly From Amazon](

18 thoughts on “Banned from Amazon for Using Gift Cards from Swagbucks

  1. Damn. I would be angry as hell. I don’t have anything to add to this, but I hope this gets resolved for you.. I’ve been trying to get my reviewing rights back on Amazon for years now. I’ve sent emails with no response back, I’m a prime member as well. Definitely get compensated for the loss of Amazon prime during this time. I would ask for even more compensation for the hassle of this all too. Keep calling.

    1. I call them every day at this point. People on the line already know who I am lmao. I hope you get your reviewing rights back

      1. You’re wasting your time calling at this point. Just email Jeff and his OA will forward it to the correct people to get it reviewed. I’ve seen multiple cases of people who legitimately were in the wrong and deserved their bans get unbanned by using that path.

  2. As an ex-seller on amazon, they held $700 in sold items on my account and refused to release it. Nothing illegal, or fake, no complaints. Here is how their customer service works. Their call centers are in India. They are literally trained and pay to make sure they don’t have to forward your call to offices in the states. They do everything they can to stop you from reaching anyone with actual authority to resolve problems. This is Amazon. They are a crime syndicate.

    1. hmmmmm i don’t know if I believe this – Amazon is ALWAYS hiring people in the U.S. to work out of their home – requirements – broadband internet and a LAND LINE telephone!
      they may ALSO have call center(s) overseas, but that is not the only method of their C.S. reps.

    1. THIS! i use twitter for a plethora of things – most recently the AZ Dept of transportation about a stoplight issue that’s WAY TOO SHORT especially with all the freeway on ramp closures in the area – and while they HAVE responded, they have yet to do anything about it!

  3. Have you tried emailing Jeff directly. Hopefully somebody can list or pm you the email. There’s an email that is given first priority and was originally the owners.

  4. Shit…I just did something on Swagbucks that gave me a $5 Amazon Gift card at the end of it. I hope my account doesn’t get banned as well.

    1. I’ve been using my Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks (and RecieptHog and RecieptPal and Fetch and Neilsen) for years without a problem. I’m interested to see how this plays out.

      1. If I were betting, Swagbucks probably flagged one of them as fraudulently obtained and requested the GC be cancelled by Amazon. Bigger vendors have that type of option from my understanding.

  5. I just recently claimed a $10 card from Swagbucks on Amazon. Haven’t spent it yet but I hope nothing negative happens. I’m done using Swagbucks anyways as most of the surveys DQ me and waste time I could be spending on MTurk or other sites. The notifications are super annoying too.

  6. Just email

    Do it in a calm and fact oriented manner. Don’t assign blame.

    Title: Amazon account wrongfully closed for using legitimately earned giftcards

    Body: Hey, I loaded my Amazon account with gift cards earned from , a popular survey site. Upon putting them on my account, my account was banned claiming the gift cards were against your terms and conditions. Seeing as they were legitimately earned and seemingly sent by amazon(see attached image) I am at a loss of what to do. I’ve tried going through proper channels but have failed to receive any assistance in resolving the issue. I’ve been a loyal customer for X years and any help in resolving this matter would be truly appreciated.


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