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Beermoney apps for Kindle Fire

I bought a kindle fire 7 on black friday for $30 hoping to be able to use it for beermoney. I searched on the sub but didn’t find anything current. I know you can root it or just install the google playstore app on it but I dont really want to make it super unstable. Is there anything that works on it that is available on the Amazon App Store?


17 thoughts on “Beermoney apps for Kindle Fire

  1. I was in the same situation. there’s a terrible selection. but, you can put the google play store on your kindle without rooting.

  2. For surveys, I use Quickthoughts (Chris hides his head from flying rotten fruit from other posters)

    Many people have been banned from it for no reason. Because of this, I would cash out as soon as you hit $10 and try not to let money sit in your account for too long.

      1. I used it irregularly so it took me about 6 months. You could probably do it in a month or less if you were doing it daily.

  3. I don’t have a Kindle to verify, but I’ve heard you can install 1MobileMarket & side load various apps that you can’t get normally. If you have a browser you should be able to go to their site for instructions

  4. Remember the Google Play store is open to you and most apps are compatible.

    I did just this and already paid off the price of the kindle fire 🙂


    Good luck

  5. If you download APKPure from their app store, you can then sideload many beermoney apps via APKPure’s selection. For instance, I run Perk Word Search on a few Amazon Fires.

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