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Beermoney for germans?

Heyo, I know there is /r/beemorneyglobal but as it is much smaller and not even specifically german, I’d rather try my luck here.

I am a little dissatisfied with the things I am using at the moment:

-Quickthoughts pays 0,50€, no matter how long the survey is.

-Prolific only rarely has surveys for me.

-I applied for two positions at appen, but never got a reply.

-Clickworker rarely has new tasks and even if, they are broken lately for some reason.

-haven’t gotten a task on neevo yet

-Swagbucks doesnt pay better than Quickthoughts and is unbearable with it’s surveys as you spent hours just answering question trying to qualify, but never getting past that.

Are any other germans or europeans here who can recommend something? Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Beermoney for germans?

  1. I am from Germany too. Only ones i still use are Prolific and PrizeRebel. On PrizeRebel i only do the 0,80$ Surveys every now and then. On a good Month i might be making like up to 100€ from them without to much Time investment.

    I originally started on Swagbucks, but their Payouts are a joke. It is only worth for the cash-back, if at all… In all honesty, Beermoney from Germany is only worth it, if you do it in small amounts and don´t expect too much.

  2. Check out [this post]( It’s worldwide friendly, I’m sure with that you can add another £50- £150 every month. 🙂 Respondent studies are either international or they target certain countries like US, UK, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, China, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, (just some of the countries I’ve seen – but case in point you will find something no matter where you live).

    1. Thanks.. I am on respondent as well but every time I look they only have projects for industry professionals or very specific people…

      1. A week ago I saw studies about desserts and ‘what new food have you tried’ for Germany. :/ There are also international ones like ‘do you use internet banking’, ‘are you planning to apply for a loan, mortgage or insurance’ etc.

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