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Beermoney opportunities trending downward all across the board

(1) Survey sites like Swagbucks have much lower payouts per survey than just a year ago, fewer deal opportunities, many more videos needed to be watched to gain points.

(2) Coupon/rebate sites or apps have shuttered (e.g. Spent) or have moved the goalposts so significantly for redemption to make it not worthwhile (e.g. Drop).

(3) Microworker sites like mturk provide many fewer high paying tasks and have grown much more competitive over the last year.

Have others noticed a downward trend not just isolated to a few sites but across the board, globally? I wonder if its harder and harder for these type of companies to remain solvent so the reward thresholds and payouts have become more challenging to meet.

A year or two ago, it was a grind to get decent cash out of these sites. Now, it doesn’t even seem to be a wise investment of time and energy at all on these sites.

28 thoughts on “Beermoney opportunities trending downward all across the board

    1. Yep. People were saying this exact same thing when I started 5 years ago. Yet I’m actually making way more now than when I started. Just gotta know where the opportunities are and what is/isn’t worth doing

      1. I was talking about methods in general across all sites. Individual sites go up and down much more quickly. A few things I’ve been seeing an upward trend with:

        1. Paid offers – You pay $x and get $y back. I’ve seen far more lately, they last longer, and people report getting higher paying offers than what I got paid last year.

        2. Cash back sites – I’ve seen quite a few adding more offers lately and some getting exclusive, really good offers. I semi-recently used a 20% cash back up to $50 rebate on Microsoft’s website.

        3. More games on offer walls, and many pay more than similar apps in the past did.

        4. Ad availability is smaller towns. While I’ve heard of the decline in passive stuff overall, I’ve actually been having more ads available lately. Most of the sites would barely earn a few pennies a month 1-2 years ago but now I’m earning a small chunk.

        5. More opportunities for smart home devices – whether they’re focus groups or monthly monitoring things – last year I barely saw anything with them.

        6. More and better opportunities with driving apps. A year or two there was barely anything. Now there’s a couple receipt apps and more driving apps that seem to be more sustainable. For example, a few months ago, GetUpside expanded to include a lot more locations.

        1. i sort of wish #6 was more of a reality for my area (re: getupside) it’s been well over a year and it’s still last i ever checked, situated into the main top 15 metro cities. indianapolis is the nearest to me. but, obviously i don’t live in that area to take any sort of advantage.

          1. GetUpside doesn’t work in my area either (nearest place is like an hour away, I think?) but previously there wasn’t a single location in my state, so it’s definitely improved.

          2. i’m just looking for a reason to get rid of trunow as the alternative.

            guess if i knew some full time OTR drivers that could save gas receipts it’d be easy sails. well, until trunow takes that 50% for a paypal payment. i just can’t stomach trashing that app when i’ve gotten that close to a cashout, which is at around $6.
            just to cover the 50% fee i’d have to rack up $10 and change worth just to get $5 not to mention paypal’s 1%. yeah, it’s that pathetic.

            now they won’t even accept any scan that doesn’t show that gas was purchased. two receipts scanned this month, one was fine (roommate filled their tank) the other was for a drink, other one got rejected lol

            edit: well shit. the one that was accepted literally gave me one penny. maybe i will rethink that whole deal..

  1. in my experience, what has gone consistently down during the years are passive earning methods. i used to get $6 a day easily.

    now i get a buck or two. yes some gpt sites like swagbucks have gone downwards but others have come to fill up the void like gg2u.

    my strategy is join 5-10 sites and hover between them to see who’s paying the highest at the moment

  2. Yeah, I’ve been doing beer money for about a decade now and it seems to get harder all the time. So many new sites/apps pop up and it can be hard to tell what’s worth your time, what’s a scam etc. One thing I’ve noticed that’s more profitable is paid studies, but they’re hard to get in to. At the moment I don’t have internet at home either, so I’m very limited but that’s more of a personal thing.

  3. It’s because more people have become exposed to it—and many don’t value themselves so accept the low payments for their time. I used to see focus groups that used to pay a fair amount; now the same hr. of time goes for significantly less—and yet people are thrilled with this payment. It’s the people that think GPT sites are “free money.”

  4. The US is at the end of the longest economic expansion in its history. Money is getting tighter everywhere, even in Sillycon Valley where some people say that there is “free money everywhere”. Unfortunately with interest rates so low the US is where Japan was thirty years ago, except that there is no economy doing well anywhere else to support us. It will be thirty years before there is a possibility of a good economy in the US for the majority of the people

  5. I stopped using Swagbucks, I only gather points now when I tie into my shopping. On InstaGC however, I am making more than ever before. I can make about $50.00 a week if I really try. And that’s just surveys. I use a few others for a few dollars here and there that I get passively.

  6. Yea. The valuation on games and apps has has changed. Mobile performance meter is still good. The scratch off sites its 10m points for $10 gift card. If they offer cash, they get stingy with the scratchoffs paying cash. I had been stuck on 8.80 for a while after quickly getting up there. I only recently made another .10.

  7. They only care while building their brand. Then you’re disposable because there are plenty of dumb people making babies and everyone wants to buy booze.

  8. It’s just become so competitive. The supply of beer money workers seems to have gone up, and this is particularly noticeable on sites like Mturk. Part of the problem is that Indians are getting connected to internet at ridiculous rates, and they can make more money through these sites than they could by getting normal jobs, and so they’re just flooding the marketplace. Good for them, but it just drives our online wages down.

    1. Indians don’t get access to the good jobs on mturk, most surveys and offers on GPTs etc.. I don’t see how they could possibly be affecting anything on that level.

      1. Not all good jobs have location requirements. I’ve done pretty lucrative batches that have little to no requirements. It hasn’t made it impossible to make money, but the percentage of turkers based in India has grown rather rapidly.

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