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Beermoney Recommendation: ProtoTab

Hey guys, I recently found out about a Chrome Extension called ProtoTab that gives you money for opening new tabs. Anytime you open a new tab while the Extension is installed, you will get 0.5 cents. I found out about it around 15 days ago, and cashed out $5 PayPal today.


It might not seem like a whole lot of money, but making an extra $120 a year for doing basically nothing is always going to be worth it in my opinion.

For every 1000 pages you open, you’ll earn $5. Make sure not to spam new tabs or have any macros or anything, because they can detect that and they will ban your account if you do. Anyways, I just figured that you guys would enjoy this extension because it is essentially free money.


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  1. Signed up, hopefully it works! Just a note, they have a point system where 1 point is 1 cent. For each tab, you can get either 1 or 0.5 points, not just 0.5 like OP said.

    1. I wish them luck . At the rate of one cent to one half a cent per click that adds up to a lot of money really fast. Just think of the thousands upon thousands of folks who do captchas all day for basically nothing. Or the ones who do the mturk hits that pay a penny for 3 to 5 minutes work.

    2. Hey, alpha tester here πŸ™‚

      The value per tab is being evaluated, as of their discord on July31st. Currently is .5/tab

      Expect a post from them as they aim to wrap up testing, as of the 1st:
      >Now that we have a very strong baseline for user statistics, earnings, and stability of the platform, we can move ahead to full release by the end of the month :smiley: Thank you all for helping ProtoTab take shape.

      Feel free to hop in the beta for a headstart, posting any issues/feedback/suggestions on the Discord, or just use the Chrome extension.

  2. I’m curious to see how long ProtoTab lasts because it sounds particularly exploitable. Maybe they’ll surprise me.

    1. Dev Here ~~~ We have fraud detections in place to discourage exploits. For people who want to try to cheat the system, use a macro, or anything similar, you will find a special surprise after a few hours. <3

      Also, I should mention, new signups are currently **closed** unless you have a valid referral code by one of our existing members. You can subscribe to /r/ProtoTab for updates on this. Thanks everyone for your support!

  3. The devs of ProtoTab have already posted about this twice within the last month, so it’s not new to this sub, but glad to see payment proof.

    1. All I learned from this post is that they started paying. I was one of their beta users and I had no idea that it was out of beta (they weren’t paying during beta).

      EDIT: Based on the screenshot it looks like they are paying out through beta?

      1. They haven’t said very much more than “it’s public” and “don’t spam/use bots”. They’ve updated the extension multiple times, but I haven’t seen any of the devs mention it here or on r/ProtoTab.

        1. Interesting. I really hope this extension works out, but we’ve seen multiple times that these types of extensions just don’t work out since advertisers don’t want to work with these types of sites. For now they have adsense, but I really don’t think that is going to last.

          1. Yeah, that’s my biggest concern, that when paid ad sources discover what prototab is *using* the ads for, they’re going to pull access and leave him, and thus, us, with no sources of paid ads. Oh well, it’ll be good while it lasts.

      2. They have been announcing updates in the top channel #announcements-news, at least 3 times/week and commenting on the #suggestions…but I did just suggest a channel for just payment proofs, so thanks πŸ˜‰

  4. I hate to say this but if this extension works the way you say it does then posting about it here or any other popular forum will be the ruination of the extension. It will undoubtedly be botted, scammed, and multi accounted into Oblivion in short order.

        1. Yes, but referrals aren’t working yet. The extension is still really new. I just posted here because I wanted to show proof that they pay.

          1. When I said referrals don’t work, I meant that I don’t get any rewards yet for when people join. The link in the post should lead straight to the extension on the chrome web store. Then you should be able to sign up with an email.

        2. Basically, the Ref program isn’t live yet as they aren’t out of beta but they basically said anyone can download and use the extension as a new tab page but only if they are referred by one of the beta members will they have the money features enabled.

          Basically, you have to be referred by a trusted user to get paid.

    1. I think it’s worth it because it requires literally 0 effort. I’m not saying it’s going to get you rich, but this is r/beermoney after all. I made $5 in 15 days from it, and there are probably people who make more that are online more than me.
      At that rate, it comes out to $120 a year, which I think is a lot of money for doing nothing. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think it’s worth it for everyone because you don’t need to change the way you do anything to get the money.

      1. So if I am reading this correctly, you opened 2000 tabs in a month? That comes to roughly 66 tabs each day. I would estimate I only normally open maybe 10 – 15 tabs a day. It sounds like your job has you opening way more than me. Good for you.

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