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Beginning to feel like Appen is taking me for a fool

I joined a project 2 or 3 weeks ago and was pretty happy with it, however for some reason I could not link my payoneer and paypal accounts to one another despite having clicked on everything as supposed to.

I contact the Appen support and they tell me to contact the payoneer support, alright, I do so and payoneer seems confused, tells me they will send me another link I can click to connect the two.. “when will I get it?” – “In the next 4-6 work days” oof….

Alright I think, I go back to Appen and… *I cannot work on any of my tasks anymore*

“pending review” it says on all of them, I contact the support, saying that I have not met the weekly quota for work yet and I have to keep working so I dont get kicked out.

No response.

I contact the project leaders, twice, the support one more time over the following days, nothing.

Saturday I get an e-mail, feedback from my work this week, essentially telling me that I have to step up and do more?! Are you kidding me?!

Yesterday I sent the support another e-mail, today I get an invitation from appen to another project, *WHILE STILL UNABLE TO CLICK ON ANY OF MY TASKS*

This is getting ridiculous, what the hell am I supposed to do?

7 thoughts on “Beginning to feel like Appen is taking me for a fool

  1. I’ve had nothing but issues with Appen, in particular getting paid. I’ve given up, but am curious to hear if you get a resolution.

  2. Payoneer was awful, it took me 2 months to finally get my bank account linked but I wasn’t blocked from tasks during that time. That’s odd.

  3. Ive been working as a contractor for Appen for about 5 months now and Ive never had an issue getting payed or getting my bank account setup. That really sucks your experience with it has been really negative.

    1. Right. The only thing I found strange was that their Facebook survey was “Survey Monkey” and wasn’t on an actual Appen platform. It should all be there, and it’s a wonder they do their business practices via email. No issues with the bank account here, either.

  4. That’s odd. Has anyone else had more issues than I have with Appen and Payoneer? I’ve only gotten maybe tops $15 payout in three months working there, but everyone I chat with says they have a part time job with them.

  5. I have been working for them for a couple of weeks now and so far it has been a disorganized, grabasstic, mickey-mouse clusterfuck. I will be surprised to receive any actual money from this company. I DO, however, predict that I will have wasted a huge amount of my time.

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