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Beginning to feel like Appen is taking me for a fool

I joined a project 2 or 3 weeks ago and was pretty happy with it, however for some reason I could not link my payoneer and paypal accounts to one another despite having clicked on everything as supposed to.

I contact the Appen support and they tell me to contact the payoneer support, alright, I do so and payoneer seems confused, tells me they will send me another link I can click to connect the two.. “when will I get it?” – “In the next 4-6 work days” oof….

Alright I think, I go back to Appen and… *I cannot work on any of my tasks anymore*

“pending review” it says on all of them, I contact the support, saying that I have not met the weekly quota for work yet and I have to keep working so I dont get kicked out.

No response.

I contact the project leaders, twice, the support one more time over the following days, nothing.

Saturday I get an e-mail, feedback from my work this week, essentially telling me that I have to step up and do more?! Are you kidding me?!

Yesterday I sent the support another e-mail, today I get an invitation from appen to another project, *WHILE STILL UNABLE TO CLICK ON ANY OF MY TASKS*

This is getting ridiculous, what the hell am I supposed to do?

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