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Best affiliate, or better video watching site?

So I like []( because it just scrolls videos with minimal interaction. It also lets you choose which affiliate to cash out to, but the pay is so scant on the site I’m using. I’m wondering if someone figured out the best site to use it in conjunction with, or if you know of better paying video sites that have the same kind of convenience.


5 thoughts on “Best affiliate, or better video watching site?

      1. only thing i knew about the two is one doesn’t force you to make an account (smores) and hideout does. far as which one pays the best. i don’t track like the others. though i’m sure branded does pay out in the top 3 highest. i’m using on my end..they pay out 8 coins (2% bonus if you link a google/steam account atop of that) per 3 ads for hideout.

        none of that stuff is a good earner. worse if you have an older machine you’re running on, or slow internet. since neither of the video players exactly give you quality control options.

  1. I was getting 41c per 20 Hideout points at EarningStation, but not today, so must of been a glitch

    I just connected all my GPT sites to hideout and go through and check to see what gives me the best points.

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