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Beta for super-high-paying GG2U Premium (75%-90% Payout Rates)!

Big news about GG2U this weekend…

As some of you are aware, the payout rates on offerwall offers and survey offers at most Beermoney programs is usually between 40% and 65%.

We’re starting a beta for our brand new ‘GG2U Premium’ program which is an attempt to blow this industry standard out of the water by having the **payout rate on every survey and offerwall offer always be between 75% and 90%!**

So you can basically just earn more money for the same stuff you’re already doing elsewhere. Once your GG2U Premium account is set up, whenever you’re about to do any specific offer or kind of survey at another site, first double check to see if you can get a better rate at GG2U Premium on the same thing. Usually you’ll be able to.

For example, if there’s a $5.00 offerwall offer at GG2U Premium, at the most common Beermoney sites the same offer would probably only give you about $2.70-$3.70 (I encourage you to look and see for yourself). Most people will notice a huge difference like that, and all of this extra money for you can add up over time to help increase your total Beermoney earnings dramatically.

***Because of the extremely high payout rates, GG2U Premium will probably eventually be a somewhat private limited-access program. But anybody here who participates in our beta will be grandfathered in if/when it does go private.***

GG2U Premium has a very simple structure (100 coins = $1.00 USD), and whenever you reach $7, you can request a payout to your PayPal account (no fee) or to your Coinbase Bitcoin email (with a 5% fee).

Here’s how you can lock in your spot…

**If you’re already a member of GG2U, send me a private message** telling me what your GG2U username is. I’ll manually give you access to the beta.

**If you don’t have a GG2U account already, sign up for a GG2U Premium account using the special link below.** We even have a **$1.00 Signup Bonus** for those who join relatively soon.

If anybody has any questions (or finds any bugs), please let me know. There will be a 5% referral program for the beta pretty soon, but the links aren’t fully active yet (Our standard referral links will take people to regular GG2U so then your referrals would need to contact us to have us manually turn on access to the GG2U Premium beta for them). I expect the referral program for the beta to be all ready to go later this weekend.

11 thoughts on “Beta for super-high-paying GG2U Premium (75%-90% Payout Rates)!

  1. Interesting. What offerwalls do you have?
    I don’t get it, what is the relation between Higher payout and Private-Limited access ?
    In theory if you give a higher % (75%-90% for the user ) you will have less $ at the end (compare to the 40% – 50% that we get in other beermoney website). So you will be more competitive, and you should hope to have More users … (since you will only keep 5 to 15% from offers made by your users…)

    1. A lot of the most popular ones like Offertoro, Adscend, AdGate,, AdGem, KiwiWall.

      Part of the beta will be seeing if it’s sustainable for a large number of users too, but the reasoning mostly has to do with anti-fraud where it would be better for us to have a smaller number of people we know would mostly be doing things the right way vs. a larger number of people who might be trying to exploit the system and our advertisers.

      I definitely don’t forsee it ever being totally closed to new members, but in the future, there might be some extra requirements in order to be let in the door – if that makes sense.

      1. Ok thank for your precision. Make sense… Quality instead of quantity… ;). What kind of charge/fee do you will have to paid monthly ? Server ? Do you have any employee that work full time/part time (salary? )?. Good luck 😉

        First, I like how the website look like. Gaming Offers category and special offers category is usefull

  2. If you guys can add Revenue Universe and lower PayPal minimum cashout to $1, this would be the only site I would use. I hate doing surveys and offers/videos don’t give you that much money. Currently, I use []( which has very similar rates with a $0.01 minimum (no fees).

    1. Thanks for the suggestions – I’ll make a note of them. There are some very high paying offers if you sort them by that or check out the special/gaming pages.

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