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Betabound is live with projects ($15 Amazon card)

Hey Beermoney world –

Betabound ( is live with two projects for U.S. Residents. One is for any smartphone user, and the other is if you are a Citi customer and have the mobile app. For either, once you’re accepted all you have to do is follow the instructions to install the app, set it and forget it as it monitors your phone use.

I only waited about a week after sign up to get accepted and install the app. Every 30 days you get $15 Amazon card.

Just wanted to make anyone unaware, aware!

30 thoughts on “Betabound is live with projects ($15 Amazon card)

  1. Tried to at least apply. Application process says my actual email is not a valid email address. Don’t really feel like trying to make new email addresses to get around this until someone else can verify this works.

  2. Be careful with that smartphone one. There was a very similar scam going around for a while where they (“Facebook”) promised to give a monthly payout ($5 or $10) for installing an app.

    Edit 2: I am specifically talking about some project where they called themselves Facebook in the contract. It looked almost identical to this project, but then they sent emails from some unusual domain. No idea if they were actually Facebook, but I doubt it considering how many people got scammed. They posted it around here and/or on /r/WorkOnline I think.


    Edit: To make something clear – Betabound is legit. I’ve used it numerous times over the years. But Betabound isn’t running these projects. They just supply users for other people’s projects. So while Betabound is definitely legit, there’s no guarantee that the projects are.

        1. It might be scam. I just did some search about domain and its name server is sort of shady, it is not belong to official Facebook company. Be careful with your data, VPN may log all your information especially the password.

        1. Yes, tagging /u/southernroller as well.

          I did some study once where it wanted me to install some piece of software. I was like, okay whatever, I’ll just install this thing on second drive with a fresh OS and see what it does out of curiosity.

          The software used my IP address to send out a massive amount of Spam, which caused my IP address to be blacklisted from other mail carriers. Every email I would send out what bounced back as spam.

          My ISP confirmed what happened with the time all of the data was sent out (which was right when I installed the program). I had to get a new IP address from my ISP so that I could send email again.

          So yeah, don’t install things on your phone or computer for $15.

          1. Can you please find the name of that software? I’d like to avoid it under any circumstances.

          1. “There was a very similar scam going around for a while where they (“Facebook”) promised to give a monthly payout ($5 or $10) for installing an app.” – sorry thought it was going around Facebook, not “from” Facebook. Misunderstanding

          2. Ohhhh yea. I meant that they specifically were calling themselves Facebook. It looked nearly identical in wording from what I can remember; just with a lower payout. They sent emails from some weird domain though.

  3. Even assuming it’s legit (I’ve used BB and trust them), the smartphone test is being run by Facebook. Here’s just a snippet of the terms for installing this research app:

    > By installing this software, you’re giving us (Facebook) permission to collect data from your phone that will help us understand how you browse the internet, and how you use the features in the apps on your device. This data will only be used by Facebook, and won’t be shared with unaffiliated third parties.

    > This means you’re letting us collect information such as which apps are on your phone, how and when you use them, data about your activities and content within those apps, as well as how other people interact with you or your content within those apps. You are also letting us collect information about your internet browsing activity (including the websites you visit and data that is exchanged between your device and those websites) and your use of other online services. There are some instances when we will collect this information even where the app uses encryption, or from within secure browser sessions.

    So you’re essentially being paid $15 a month by Facebook to let them monitor EVERYTHING you do with your phone, including behaviors and data used by other apps.

    You have been warned.

    1. I’m sure you’re aware that most apps, especially social media, already monitor your activity once you agree to install.

      Just saying, unless you’re a private person and/or want to purposely hide your activity, I wouldn’t think anyone should have a problem wit that.

    1. Its not im not sure why betabound is offering such a low amount, the same program on utest offers like 30 a month per device with some bonuses and paid with paypal.

  4. i’ll give this a try because I have an extra iphone 5s I dont use anymore. Don’t have any valuable information on that lol

  5. A very similar study is running through where they give you $30 a month through paypal to install the app! You have to be between 18-24 and have an iOS 10+/Android 6.0+ phone though.

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