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Beware the js:miner-c

My antivirus has picked this critter up 3 times in the past week. The computer it gets hit on has been running videoloyalty, engageme and a page of Ncraves.. Not sure where its coming from.. I am going to assume the Ncraves since they have been so bloated, laggy and working improperly as of late.. So, someone is attempting to use our CPUs to mine crypto… wonderful

7 thoughts on “Beware the js:miner-c

  1. Let me clear this up.

    CoinHive is a new cryptocurrency mining script that runs in the background of websites and uses OUR CPU to mine Monero (1 Monero = about $100). This was made becuase people are using Adblocker, so this was supposed to be an alternative. Well the problem was is that people are setting the scripts to max speed which decreases the life of your PC, make sure your fans run full power, and could potentially kill an underpowered device. Very few websites have this set to a Low mining speed so it only uses a portion of the CPU. Honestly it sounds like a great alternative to ads, it’s just executed very wrongly. CoinHive is not a virus, malware, or anything, it was just an advertising alternative that doesn’t really work.

    Edit: They also have Captchas that check if you’re a robot and breifly mine crypto. Honestly it doesn’t sound like a bad idea all around, people just shouldn’t be allowed to set it to max mining speed, it should automatically detect how much CPU it can use before the fans go off. I wouldn’t mind at all and I don’t think others would too if it only used a small percentage.

    1. It’s not poorly executed its knowingly executed because the end user doesn’t care they got greedy and because someone did a mining calculation with one of his laptops, he said the rate which it was max mining it was the equivalence of $0.01/year lol. Even with 100,000 people running it full blast for an entire year 24hrs a day 7 days a week that’s only $1,000/ year.

      1. Not true. This may be true for Bitcoin, but Monero was made to be mined through CPU, plus just because ONE laptop was calculated doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to be for everyone. Some people surf on smartphones and some people surf on NASA gaming PCs. ALSO, The coin could surge in value, making the amount of coins you have triple in value or more.

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