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Bigtoken: Beermoney App

Hey guys, just discovered a new beermoney app called Bigtoken where you can earn money (“selling data”) doing surveys, checking in to show your location, and connecting social media sites. The surveys are quick and pretty decent paying. It seems pretty well-made and easy to use. You can also manage and see what sort of data you’re “selling” and to whom it is going.

The app is still in beta stage and will soon have cashout options including PayPal, gift cards, and an investment option but as of now cashout is still unavailable. You can however see what your points are worth in USD and all points earned during beta can be kept. Seems like this might be another app to add to the list and might be something good to get in on the ground floor of.

Ref: Feel free to sign up with my code EMPLMSGMA at the non ref link


29 thoughts on “Bigtoken: Beermoney App

    1. Used yours, here’s mine!


      Didn’t get a link but far as I know you only need to input in the signup page!

      1. You can get the link by going to share and clicking invite friends. I selected my messenger app on my phone and just copied the link it would have sent.

  1. WARNING WARNING… it appears the app shows the full name of your referrals since they become part of “your team”. I see a name of what I assume is /u/halfbeard7

    1. Good catch! Just to be clear though, if anyone doesn’t want their real name, there’s no need or reason to have to put it. Any name can be entered for first/last name

      1. Well… will that be true once payment options are added? Most companies say that your account name has to match your paypal name etc

        1. Hard to tell since we can’t see them yet, but your name on your profile can always be changed (at least as of now), so you could always briefly change it and then back to a pseudonym I suppose.

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