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Branded Surveys ”Update”/Stupidity Clarified

Received this in my e-mail.

Dear Branded Surveys Community Member,

Effective January 1, 2019, all Branded Surveys members will be eligible to requalify for their badge status/color. Your badge status could remain the same, go up or go down in badge color.

To ensure we are recognizing our most dedicated members, you will be eligible to requalify for your badge status at the beginning of each month moving forward.

Remember – the more you consistently participate, the more likely you are to keep your existing badge color or move up in badge color (from bronze to silver or silver to gold).  If you happen to take some time off from survey taking, you will always have the ability to requalify by participating in more survey-taking opportunities.

Likewise, the more consistently you participate, the more likely you are to earn your elite badge bonus (see our [Elite Action Chart]( which is determined by 1. the number of consecutive surveys you complete and 2. our partner’s revision of your participation.

For more information, check out [My Elite Badge Bonuses]( page or navigate to this page by scrolling to the bottom of the [Branded Elite page]( and clicking on to “[SEE YOUR ELITE BADGE ACTIVITY](” on the bottom, right-hand corner. The My Elite Badge Bonuses page will allow you to see whether or not the survey was approved or rejected by our partner and the points you earned for the approved, completed survey.

Happy survey-taking!          


Branded Surveys

Quick question: Since they basically removed the benefits of being a badge-holder… what fucking point is there in maintaining your level, other than dangling the non-existent carrot of ”winning contests” in-front of people’s noses?

Dumbassery, thy name is Branded.

9 thoughts on “Branded Surveys ”Update”/Stupidity Clarified

  1. Right now, I plan to pull out as soon as I get paid out.

    Branded’s recent actions are those of a site about to close down.

    1. That was my plan as well, but the high disqualification rate and low payment amount makes it very hard. Coupled with the fact that every other survey warrants a support ticket for wrongful DQ, and the fact that they pay a fraction of what’s owed when this happens, it’s almost impossible to cash out these days. I finally gave up, still have $4.00 in my account that I’ll never see. Been using the site almost two years, but never again.

      1. I’m really lucky. I’ve got the points and more, but 1/3 of them are Pending. So, I’m just doing daily polls for nickels until my last surveys are *finally* approved. (Appendages crossed that Branded stays in business long enough for ALL of us to cash out!)

    2. Same here — I have one pending credit that will push me over the payout threshold in a few days. Gonna take the money and run, then cancel my account as soon as the payout is complete.

    3. Totally agree. I get DQ’ed for almost everything now and they used to pay at least a few pity points for a disqualification but now I just get rerouted to another survey. I’m still using them (because I’m super stubborn like that lol) but I’m really disappointed. I won’t be recommending them to anyone any time soon though.

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