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Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on with OfferTorro’s VideoLab?

So, a little bit of background here, I had a pretty sweet setup going that was running multiple instances of VideoLab (using VPNs) and I was able to clear better than $2/day per device. That is, up until a few days ago when they seemingly dropped the hammer on VPNs (now gives error code PX1).

That sucked, but I still have access to a few IPs, so I figured I could at least run a couple of phones on it. Except that I can’t. When I take the phones to clean new IP addresses, they still get the “No offers” error. I’ve changed my GUID, I’ve changed IPs, I’ve tried new accounts at the various sites… Nothing.

Even my personal cell phone, which only saw very infrequent duty, seems to have the same flag (Sprint wireless). The ban is also effecting my home IP (Spectrum internet) and computers.

However, I can still do Offers/surveys/etc from OfferTorro (for example, the coupons one) and get credited.

So what I am wondering is, is this a “me” issue (they’ve flagged my devices/IPs/whatever) or is it just a wider issue with VideoLab (they ran out of ads)? Can anyone offer any insight or theories into how they are IDing my devices, if this is a me-specific issue? I just want to get back to pulling down some respectable rates of BTC…


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  2. We are in the same boat though I was no where near 2 bucks a day. It seems like they run out of stock often or block certain devices somehow. Offer Torro is random and not very helpful with info.

      1. I’ve been hit with it as well. Looking online, I’m starting to think their VideoLab thing in general crashed or something.

  3. “offer not available, please try again later” on mobile for a number of hours now.. the puter version says there are no ads available now.

  4. Yeah seems very erratic nowadays. For some reason mobile + laptop wouldn’t work even though it says that it’s okay to run on both.

        1. Just personal experience before all this ban stuff began. I was able to do both in early September, but by mid/late September, logging one device would kick the other one off.

  5. You’re not alone. Videolab problems started for me as well 3-4 days ago, until then its been smooth sailing pretty much 24/7 for a month.

    That point about vpn being blocked now confirms my suspicions as well. In my case, I used to run them in chrome with the ‘data saver’ option turned on to save bandwidth. Now VL doesn’t run if I have it turned on since images are routed through google servers, which triggers the new VPN/datacenter ban rule.

    I only ran 2 instances of VL, one on my home IP and one on my mobile carrier IP. Theres another reply here about it here, but yes even though they say computer+laptop per IP, that doesn’t work, and the limit is 1 instance per IP.

    Ever since this new update the timer for me has gone up to 21 minutes per cycle… and keeps going to ‘looking for new videos’ page that I have to manually refresh, so earnings have taken a huge hit.

    1. I’m still staring at “Offer not available” pages, so I think there is an additional hit against my home, office, and mobile IPs (or possibly my accounts are flagged?)

      1. Ah, ya I have that from all offer walls as well. Hopefully you haven’t cleared your history. I loaded up the last videolab page in my history and it will run and keep crediting the last reward site I launched it from.

  6. Pso Justin and others spread the word for VPN usage with Videolab to 15,000 hardcore phone farmers. What did people think was going to happen? Lol. Talking about VPNs breaks everything.

    Edit: Also this is common for all new farmers. They get sucked in by a new app/site that pays out really high and is easy to exploit. But those earnings never last more than a month or two. Every site sinks down to the industry standard. They have to compete with established companies like Perk and Swagbucks

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