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Can I count on consistent earnings/test if I’m available on multiple user testing sites?

Hi all- new to beer money, new to the gig economy, new to the user side of user testing (though I’ve purchased/used tests before).

I’m trying to figure out if it would be possible to have a somewhat consistent “salary” if I was spread across multiple testing services.

I’m trying to figure out part time/flexible work while I’m returning to school full time, and this has a huge appeal to it because I could set my hours around it. Plus I am/was a ux professional, and I really enjoy getting to see this side as a user with a little know how. (I’m used to how the tests should go, so it makes verbalizing my thoughts and where I got stuck pretty natural for me.)

I would love it if I could set blocks of 2 to 4 of the day aside, open up tabs on the multiple user testing sites and work on two an hour- $20/hr would be about perfect for me right now, doing anywhere from 10-20 hrs a week. Is that remotely feasible? I know it’s as the tests come in, and if you fit the right demographic or have the right tools. I have a Mac desktop and an iOS phone.

Anyone doing this? How has it worked and any pitfalls I should know about? Before I go through anymore software installs and validation tests for additional services, I want to know if the initial time investment is worth it.

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    1. Perhaps a better question might be how consistent is the work, and are there strategies to optimize this kind of work to make as consistent as possible?

      1. First, lower your expectations. $20 per hour is reasonable if you’re only doing an hour or two a week on only the best tasks, but beermoney sites have diminishing marginal returns on time invested.

        But that general rule applies per site. So first the best way to increase consistency is to diversity (as you’ve already worked out yourself). But you’ve not pushed it far enough. I would deffo suggest diversifying to survey sites (prolific, mturk) for a much more consistent return (if combined with user testing).

        Also don’t forget about cash back websites! You need to buy shit all the time, so whenever you’re making a sizeable purchase (be it one big item or a big food shop) check on the cash back websites to see if you can get some more money off. On those websites there is room to make money too, there is always offers for gambling websites (deposit and wager £10 and they’ll give you £20 in your cash back account).

        Basically, have all of your ‘live’ websites (ones where tasks come and go rapidly: user testing and surveys) open at the start of your block of time, and if nothing is there then move onto something like topcashback seeing if there are any profitable offers, then move to beermoney to see if any new offers have come up, and then by the time you’ve done that you’ll probably have a task on your live websites.

        Although timing is key for user testing and surveys! Generally speaking I get the most tasks in the early afternoon and in the late evening.

        Bit of a mess but tl;dr diversify your love websites and always have a backup of where to look if you’re out of tasks

        edit; also, matched betting! It’s a bit of time to invest but the hourly rate is rediculous when you use one of the tools that consolidate all of the info for you (profit accumulator for example). You end up making $20 in 5 minutes every few days once you know what you’re doing. And again, adds more diversity to your jobs

      2. you can’t magically make tests happen that you will qualify for, so again the answer is no. just do what you can and try to do as best as you can to lower the chance of being banned

  1. Don’t think i have ever gotten a test from usertesting in my whole career with them. I have never signed up to any of their other products/sites/apps or even sold/bought anything.


    Do not rely on these sites at all to even earn a decent “salary”

  2. The problem with such sources of income is that they are VERY inconsistent. One week you might make some decent money, the next couple of weeks you barely make couple bucks/week.


    It is very hard to rely on such things.


    Edit: also the income will depends on where you are from (A LOT)

  3. I’ve been using UserTesting for about a year and have just in the past two months been getting a lot of tests. UserTesting availability is based on ratings, most people don’t rate you, so you have to rely on who does score you in order to be first up for tests.

    I am signed up with about 5 other user sites, and none of them have enough work like UserTesting and some of them don’t pay out till you make a certain amount (Userbrain) or they take 3 weeks to pay (Intellizoom).

    So like others said, it is just an extra splash of cash, but I wouldn’t set yourself up for anything more than that.

  4. I’ve been doing this for months, and it’s completely inconsistent.

    First off, many usability testing sites never have tests come up. In three months of using Intellizoom, [](, Utest, and Userlytics, I’ve received … one test. Out of all four of them. That’s three months of all four tabs sitting open in my browser, waiting on emails/notifications for a test to come up.

    I do the same with [](, and conversely, I’ve made around $500 in the past two months.

    Most usability testing sites seem to just suck, and there’s absolutely no way you’ll make a consistent living relying on what is essentially complete chance.

    1. How do you get a whopping 500$ in that site, I’m new to this(first day) I’ve tried gg2u and only got 0.5 dollar

      1. Be a good test-taker. Talk continuously, critique honestly and give good feedback. If you have an idea for site improvement, tell them. I’ve taken close to a hundred user tests and I have a rating of 4.9 stars. I think I qualify for more tests because of this. Also, jump on tests. You want to be the first person taking that pre-screening test. Sometimes a company will only order a few user tests, meaning I’ve watched tests get snatched up right before my eyes.

        1. I ditto this^^^ I usually keep a tab open on usertesting with my volume on so I hear the bings and can grab the screener right away. I did this site a few years ago and had to stop when my mic broke. Just got a new computer so I started again. I’ve made $400 since April 1st. I started off slow, only $60 in April, but I made $200 last month, and I’ve made $140 so far this month. I have a 4.5 star rating.

      2. I made $100 in one day last week, but haven’t been able to qualify for a single test since.

        It’s really luck of the draw with Usertesting – some days are great, some aren’t. It cannot be relied upon for a consistent income. But its fantastic beer money!

  5. I’d say lower your expectations a bit for the first thing. Like the other poster put it’s not really a fixed income. I personally try to set a goal to make right per day. As a low ball example, I try to guarantee I make $15 a day which is absolutely not a challenge (I spend about 4-5 hours a day working online). But I can realistically hit $25-$30+ in a day if the right opportunities come and I can stay dedicated.

    As a general rule for Usertesting, you’ll get about 1 to 2 test per day but this means taking every screener that shows up.

    I’d say the most realistic amount a beginner can make is..maybe $5-$6 an hour without being a part of some sort of online job like Mturk, Lionbridge, Appen, eCommerce, or teaching English online.

    For what it’s worth, this is my current set up, or at least sites I’m guaranteed to use every day:


    * LionBridge (Not yet technically, I’m in the exam process)

    * Appen

    * User Testing

    * GG2U

    * Microworkers

    * Mystery shopping

    * Swagbucks

    * Prize Rebel

    * Reddit subs

    1. There are also online mock juries. I’ve done brick and mortar ones, they pay well. Haven’t yet investigated the online ones however.

    2. If I only do GG2U would I be able to make $5 an hour?? I just started and I’m lucky if I make $1 an hour, and that’s with constant attempts at qualifying for surveys ( I get disqualified 90% of the time)

      1. Depends where you’re from, if you’re from Malaysia it may be harder but if you’re in the US/CA it shouldn’t be much of an issue. I personally can make $4 a day without a huge amount of effort (I try to steer clear of surveys). However conversion rates work in my favorite (One YS is $1.35 for me) and the site owner is a very nice guy.

        Here’s the order i recommend you try the routers: livesample, your surveys, opinion capital surveys, my thoughts count, saysso, peanut labs

        But yeah $5 an hour is pretty doable.

        1. Oh ok thanks. I’m in Canada. Do you have any tips on how I should be answering when I’m trying to qualify for surveys? Answering with complete honesty hasn’t been doing too well for me, should I just start stretching the truth a little bit??

          1. No. Be honest. It sucks not getting a lot to do due to falling outside the demographic they’re looking for. But if the survey pertains to 30-60 year old persons of color living in the northeast US or white stay at home dads between 20-40 (just random examples of stuff) and you are the opposite claiming to be just to qualify, it skews the true results.

            Some survey places also keep the screener question answers to qualify you for other surveys and they offer them to you based on those answers. So if you answered one in one way and qualify for something else based on that criteria and don’t know/remember what you put, then you will likely get disqualified from the next ones they offer because of inconsistencies.

            The things I do “stretch” aren’t really lies but I used to just claim I lived alone, made $X for income, etc. Now though, I do claim the entire household income when they ask for it. I live with friends and don’t pay anything but my phone bill, doctor appt and scripts my insurance refuses to cover. So I claim my roommates income as well even though I don’t technically access it myself it’s used to pay for where I live and electric, food, etc. I don’t know her precise income but used to do their taxes and have a rough idea based on that and knowing a rough idea of what shw gets paid weekly. I added mine up, took note of it incase anything ever asks specifically what I have incomewise, and then added theirs in and rounded off the number. I’ve also hit a few surveys that ask if there are children living in the household (doesn’t specify that they have to be mine) and I claim my roommates kids also. Those are generally for surveys that they want input from the child, usually certain age groups. I haven’t accepted one to follow the whole way through but went through some of the questions answering just to see what it was going to be about and then exited because it was some absurd time and I wasn’t going to have a kid take a survey at 2AM lol.

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