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Capterra and Gartner – $50 in Amazon

Found out about Capterra when software company emailed asking for a review on Capterra to double my credits. Left a review and thought nothing of it.

THen Capterra emails saying leave 10 more reviews for $100.

Thought they were full of sh!t but decided to leave 4 more reviews to see.

5 days later got an email saying I had $40 to redeem. Figured I would have to hop thru a ton of hoops but was curious.

Clicked on the link, chose Amazon and to my surprise – They sent over a $40 amazon gift card. Logged into Amazon and applied it and it worked.

That led me to search around and found beermoney!

Checked out Gartner: Logged in with LinkedIN and my linkedin is hooked up to a FREE gmail account.

FIlled out 1 review and just got a $10 Amazon gift card from them. There reviews take more time and are way more in depth.

Just wanted to let everyone know that they do pay out. Most posts I see are people saying they have been denied.

Left 6 more on Capterra and waiting to see if I get credit for all them. That would bring the total up to over $100 for less than 1 hours work.

I don’t have a referral link to either network. Look around here and find someone elses if you want to use them.



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