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Cashcrate rewards program closing April 1.

Cashcrate announced on February 6 that it was closing on April 1. No new members are being accepted, and current members are being given until the 1st to reach the payout threshold.

>Starting today, we will no longer accept new registrations, and will instead send new members to our partner, SwagBucks, which operates a rewards program that we hold in the highest regard. We’ve partnered with them to offer CashCrate members a sign-up bonus of $20, which is higher than you’ll find anywhere else. Additionally, new users who join SwagBucks will get a bonus of $15–still more generous than you’ll find anywhere else.

I know it’s been garbage for a while, but I figured some people might be interested in the announcement.

16 thoughts on “Cashcrate rewards program closing April 1.

  1. They are part of my morning routine and have been for over a decade. It’s sad to see them, and all my referrals, go.

    1. I also have a morning routine of clicking on the “check in” button on CashCrate…but have not found this site have many “easy” offers.

      Curious, what is your morning routine? How much time did you spend on your morning routine? How much money did you get (daily)?

      1. Checking in is the only thing i do on CashCrate now because of my referrals. I like the easy “check in” apps now in the morning, it’s much less time consuming, but if i want to see daily cash i do Qmee me.

        My morning routine right now is – Panel app, Big Cash, Surveys On The Go, CashCrate, S’more, Slidejoy and InboxDollars. I also do Swagbucks but i only do the “Swag codes” they send on Twitter.

        I also got into Crypto but that’s less than pennys and is time consuming. I’ll do those throughout the day along with Qmee. Nielsen is also good to have, just get it and forget it.

        I’m always looking for easy ones, so if you know of any, let me know.

  2. CashCrate was one of the first online earnings programs I joined. I eventually stopped using it but those first checks were why I looked up other programs.

    1. Was just going to ask this.. if we already have a swagbucks account can we make a new one through cashcrate and get $15 of SB, cash it out and delete the second account??

        1. Well obviously THEY wouldn’t allow it..? I was wondering if it would be possible to do…

          Edit: not sure why this guys dumb ass comment is being upvoted and I’m being downvoted but I’ll post a reply in a couple weeks when I get my $15 bonus on my alt account xD

  3. Wow, they were one of the very sites I used when I first started going GPT about a decade ago (along with FusionCash). I’m surprised they’re still around!

  4. You could tell the writing was on the wall for a long time with them. They never had any of the pay to make money offers like the Swagbucks or InboxDollars of the world.

  5. Cash crate was one of the first sites I ever used. They are just too slow with payouts for me.
    Hey can someone remind me of the name of that site where you earn Aaron heads and buy dragon eggs n shit like that ?
    I joined it st the same time. I know I got a balance on the dragon one. I also am clisevto cashing out on cash crate I better get on that

  6. Too bad with them closing, they don’t drop the cashout limit. Hate to see them go although they weren’t really a favorite of mine as I earned better on similar sites like Swagbucks.

  7. I am really going to miss Cash Crate. In the year I was there I did manage to make $4200 and it became my favorite GPT site. SuperPayMe will be the site I move to once it is shutdown.

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