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Beermoney for germans?

Heyo, I know there is /r/beemorneyglobal but as it is much smaller and not even specifically german, I'd rather try my luck here. I am a little dissatisfied with the things I am using at the moment: -Quickthoughts pays 0,50€, no matter how long the survey is. -Prolific only rarely has surveys for

Make money as a Twitch viewer !

Hi, I want to share with you this site that i found. Its called Twitchfollows. You will get offers to follow or view somebody's stream and you will get paid! Its that simple. Minimum withdraw is 20dollars. [REFF-LINK]( [NON-REFF-LINK]( ​

[Coke Rewards] Free $10 Amazon GC w/ 5x20oz Codes

Today Sodexo and Coke released a Holiday promo where if you submit 5 20oz codes, you'll receive a free $10 Amazon GC (and a chance at winning $5000). **Note: This is not like the other Coke offers. It's not listed on the page. View the direct link below.** # [Link To Offer]( **Important

Working Retail

I recently learned from a customer that there are Apps for scanning receipts that pay money. I work in retail and I'm wondering the best legal way to take advantage of this situation. Can anybody reccomend apps or techniques? She mentioned Ibotta and another one I cant remember

Participants Needed for 5-8 minute Personality Test ($0.25)

​ ​ **(Limit met) No more participants are needed at this time!!!!! If you submit results after 3:45pm central time you will not receive payment!** ​ Hello, My name Kathleen and I am doing a class research project about personality. I am recruiting 50 adults over the age of 18 to complete a brief 5-8 minute

Surveys keep telling me I’m unqualified,am I beig scammed or?

Every time I sign up for survey sites I'm marked as unqualified.Am I completing them too fast ? Or is it because I'm not matching the demographic. I'm a young single black woman with no kids.I've been to college too plus I'm kinda disabled and unemployed.I just need some pocket

Interesting day on Prolific

So not sure if I am the only one but today surveys were flooding in. I did about 20 dollars worth(less if you convert to their currency). Im honestly shocked. Anyone else get lucky today?

What happened to the iOS app Pact?

I remember there used to be an app called pact where if you reached certain fitness goals it would pay you (or you pay if you fail). I still see it on lists and stuff and can’t tell where it went.