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Non passive ads

I have about 3 hours worth of time to run ads at work on 2 devices and I currently use s'mores lockscreen for some of the time but i quickly run out of ads. I'm wondering what the best/ highest paying app for non- passive ads. Thank you in advanced.

Hyperdrive rewards app

For the ones who uses this app, you guys probably done this already but I'm going to share anyway to inform the ones that hasn't yet. Open app>>settings>>personalization I chose a favorite brand, loyalty program and favorite categories. It says you will get 0 points for doing this but i got 900 points

Job Spotter $8/hr Success

Just made $8 on Job Spotter walking through Chicago. Took about an hour to get to ice cream, but the girlfriend’s mom scooped up the tab, so it was truly $8 net. Definitely one of the better nights on the app, but an extra $8 is the epitome of

Tech Support Website?

Hi. I remember a few months ago on this subreddit I saw a post about a website where anyone can join and get random tech support questions, and every time they successfully help someone, they make money. ​ It was a really simple name, I just can't remember it. Does anyone know

What’s the deal with Swagbucks?

After doing a couple surveys for between 50 and 100 SB it says on top: " Not every survey es a winner(???) But here are 5 SB for trying"????? Am I doing surveys or playing the lottery here??? Immediately uninstalled the app after that.