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Got my Crowdtap ban reversed!

(Not sure how to tag/flair this. Let me know if there's a more appropriate one I should use. It's the opposite of a rant!) Got banned from Crowdtap a few days ago, probably because I mistakenly left my VPN on for a few surveys or because I use both the app

Sites with big payouts for individual jobs or surveys?>

I have done a few product tests for google @ $100 each and a few medscape surveys @ $15-25 each. I'm looking for stuff that will pay at least $5, I expect it would be one survey every few months or so. I would much prefer that then filling out

Sweatcoin worth it?

I've had the app for about a year on my main phone, redeemed Sweatcoins only once or twice. Not a good experience. It seems like the only rewards are a free month of some subscription box or service that you have to cancel. So I just use the app as

Hideout problems

At first everything was working fine and I had 31,000 points pending to a rewards partner that they no longer supported, instead of telling me they took my points away from me and when I asked about them said oh we will look into it.. never heard anything back.. videos


Last week I got a email sent to me due to a survey I did on instagc that asked me if Id like to take test for a chance for other monetary service so I did they sent me a link to download a app and do a video test