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Chinese and Korean Study (20 USD, Small Task)


At TransPerfect we are doing a small study of Chinese and Korean Language, this information will be use to guarantee access to all user of AI and Machine Learning tecnhology in a near future, the study is very simple and can be completed remotely, you will receive a compensation for the same. (20 USD)

Here how to be part of it:

Chinese: [](

Korean: [](

If questions or doubts about the post, please PM 🙂

Thanks for your collaboration!

11 thoughts on “Chinese and Korean Study (20 USD, Small Task)

  1. I do not qualify for your survey. Could you post a link to your site so I can see if I qualify for other studies and join your database?

  2. This is embarrassing. I can speak and understand korean but cannot comprehend when reading.

    Might have to ask my mom to ELI5 this survey.

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