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13 thoughts on “Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Training – How Fast Can You Make Money on Clickbank?

  1. Hey Sean, I have 210,000 followers on instagram and wanted to use that as my platform to advertise products, But I was wondering if clickbank helps with that? I'm looking for a good CPI/Affiliate marketing network to sign with, any tips?

  2. Hey Sean gotta a question i signed up with click bank back in April using a blog I use to promote my products but I have yet to receive any sales. What am I doing wrong and do you have any advice to point me in the right direction. I am getting traffic to my blog and the Order Form Impressions if around 4000 but still no sales should I just be patient.

  3. HI Sean – I like youe utube video Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Training – How Fast Can You Make Money on Clickbank?" I want to get started as an affiliate marketer with clickbank promoting and selling other peoples products there but I don't know how to do it or exactly what I need to do to be successful – I need you to be my trainer if you can, Id be willing to share part of my sales with you till I can learn exactly what I need to do if you can???? See, my job of over 30 yrs is moving away so I want to try to get an honest online income going to possibly replace my job… pls advise  kind regards,   BH

  4. Sean, great advice and tips on getting started online. I'm working my own CB account as well. I love CB , it's just a great place to get started online earning an income. Sean, I'm curious, how long did it take you to get to at least $5K passive income per month in your CB account ?

  5. Hey sean, just subscribed. Been watching ur vids for the past week and im very interested in your affiliate program. Im just wondering if i should start w dropshipping first? Plz get back, again im very interested in making a new income. Thank you sir!

  6. The best thing about click bank affiliate program is that you don't have to pay any affiliate fee to start making money. You have lots of products to promote in almost any niche and you get marketing states. The problem is new affiliate don't know that they need to build a funnel to make list and promote at least 3-5 product in same niche to make money over time while building relationship.

  7. Hi Sean, I hope you're doing well, I appreciate your advices and i like this ""the amount of time and money you invest is going
    to determine how successful you're
    going to become in it"" and this "" i wasn't making any money but i was putting a lot of time and effort into this and i was spending every dollar that i could spend on it"" i wasn't, just having this thing as an idea
    , it wasn't a hobby for me, it was something

    serious for me from the beginning and if you want to become successful on clickbank fast,you need
    to take this business serious."" Thank you Sean Bagheri for your videos, about the way i like your look so nice 😉

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