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[Coke Rewards] Free $10 Amazon GC w/ 5x20oz Codes

Today Sodexo and Coke released a Holiday promo where if you submit 5 20oz codes, you’ll receive a free $10 Amazon GC (and a chance at winning $5000).

**Note: This is not like the other Coke offers. It’s not listed on the page. View the direct link below.**

# [Link To Offer](

**Important things to note about this:**

* You must submit 5x20Oz codes. ~~It seems like codes from individual drinks and cases won’t work?~~ [It sounds like 16.9oz codes might work.](
* [You might be able to use codes that you have already used on the other coke rewards promotions, so double dipping might be an option here.](
* Limit of one $10 GC.

[Remember that there are plenty of other offers available right now to use your codes on.](


^^[Image]( ^^for ^^mobile ^^users ^^and ^^redesign ^^users.

32 thoughts on “[Coke Rewards] Free $10 Amazon GC w/ 5x20oz Codes

  1. You beat me to it.

    Coca Cola is running a promotion with Sodexo where you can submit 5 codes and receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

    **Link to promotion:** [](

    **Official Rules:** [](

    The promotion says they need to be codes from 20oz bottles, but I see [one report]( showing codes from 16.9oz bottles are working.

    [**Also see a report**]( **that codes are working that have already been entered on the Coke Rewards site.**

    How it works:

    The Official Rules pdf says you must [download the Sodexo app]( (available for Apple or Android) and submit the codes through that app. The Official Rules say it needs to be a code from a 20 oz bottle of [any participating Coke product](, but that may not be the case.

    This promotion also enters you into a drawing for a chance to win $5000.

    The promotion officially ends December 31, 2018. Historically, prizes related to Coke Codes run out fast. This promotion is sponsored by Sodexo so maybe there will be enough gift cards to last until the end of the year. I’m not familiar with Sodexo and encourage everyone to enter their codes as quickly as possible.

    Please feel free to discuss your experience with this in the comments, any additional information can only help the community.


          1. Damn, I saw other people saying that happened to them too, wonder what happened to make it come back with that

          2. I got the exact same thing and, when I went back to enter another code to see, it told me that I already won.


    1. I’m about to be driving up and down the road looking for Coke bottles with caps on them. People toss them out the window all the time it seems!

    1. Same, but I went back and it said –
      However, you’ve already entered five cap codes and earned your $10 Gift Card and five sweepstakes entries.**
      Nothing in my email yet.

      1. Did you get the message at the very end? Everyone is getting that right now.

        Following it at Slick Deals

        >As of Nov 19 this is happening to everyone: “Entered 5 codes and got this message “WE’RE SORRY It looks like you’re ineligble to win the prize.” but when I go back a page, it says “WE LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM However, you’ve already entered five cap codes and earned your $10 Gift Card and five sweepstakes entries.”

    1. The official rules say

      > Prize will be fulfilled approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the conclusion of the Sweepstakes.

      So… we may not receive codes until the end of February

  2. has anyone tried the 12 pack codes with this specific promo? if not, i might later on tonight..i don’t drink coke, and rarely go out much to be shuffling around for caps. that may or may not work if there older sets of codes. that was a big issue in the past few years with coke promos, caps are printed different. some actually expire..

  3. It let me enter codes from 2 liter bottles of coke. I got the same thing as a bunch of other people about being ineligible after I entered them though.

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