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Consider These Great Platforms for Selling Your Articles Online

One of the most rewarding, and to be honest the fastest, ways to make money online is to write articles. You won’t get rich writing articles. However, you can earn money quickly and it’s easy to get started. Here are several great places to sell your articles online.


Yahoo has a contributor network that enables you to publish your articles and make money. It’s free to sign up. Create a profile and publish your articles. Before you publish, read the Yahoo policies and procedures. They do have recommendations and guidelines for content they publish. Your content may be published on Yahoo:

* Voices
* News
* Local
* Sports
* Finance
* TV
* Movies
* Shopping

According to Yahoo you can “Earn money through up-front payments, exclusive assignments, and performance bonuses based on the traffic your work receives.”

Demand Media

Demand Media is an employer and distributor of content for many mainstream websites including eHow, Livestrong, About and many more. Writing for Demand Media has become a bit more difficult as there is much competition. They pay from 7.50 up for content depending on the format and the topic. You can also join a revenue sharing program which makes it possible to make some pretty good money.

An Abundance of Opportunity

Speaking of About, eHow and Livestrong, those are all websites which pay for content. Simply visit the site and review their contributor requirements. They’re always looking for people to write on specialty topics. Also visit Brighthub, and LovetoKnow to look for article writing assignments and jobs.

This isn’t the end of the list by any means. Keep your eyes open for opportunities. New businesses and writing jobs open up every day. You can also create your own article writing business.


PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Essentially it means that you write articles on topics and sell those articles to a number of people. They then have the right to use those articles however they want. For example, you might write 10 articles on weight loss and sell those ten articles to 100 people for $10. That’s $1000 in income if you sell out. Pretty good, right?

You can make great money writing articles for pay. You can sell them to existing sites. You can take on article writing projects or assignments. You can also create your own PLR business and profit by writing articles on topics that interest you.

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