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Cross Media Panel ending on iOS and PC

Cross media Panel is getting rid of iOS and PC earnings. [Proof](
Edit: Someones mad about this fact and downvoted everyone.

20 thoughts on “Cross Media Panel ending on iOS and PC

  1. If this is true that’s really a bummer. I didn’t get that email but maybe I will be getting it shortly.
    I notice it says that this is only for the US Reach Panel. Is it possible that it is not for all of Cross Media Panel but only the panel that you were on?

  2. strange, I didn’t get that email – but it looks like it applies to me since I believe I’m in the US Reach group – don’t know what other group I’d be in!

  3. Gonna need to get a new tablet since the one I’m using for rewards is stuck on 4.0 and requires 4.3 now. Wish it worked on my Fire Tablet

  4. Yup, got the email just now. That’s a real bummer.

    Only tangentially related, but does anyone know of any other decent sites for passively farming Amazon GCs? I was previously able to make $8.00 a week through HitPredictor and Screenwise, but the former has dried up for me and this newest change is also a pretty big blow. Could definitely use some new sources now.

  5. I got the email as well. I wonder if they will let you cash out if you have under the $5 limit. I have $2.50 that I would like something for, even if it’s Google Play credit.

  6. oh wow. this entire time ive looking up “videos” with crossmedia AND surveysavvy, so that means they know my fetishes?

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