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Current Music app inconsistent points

So there’s this app called current music app that pays you to stream music. I just started using it today and it starts off quite fine paying me an average of 6 to 8 points per song, but as time goes my average points were significantly lowered now down to the point I earn an average of 2 points per song. If anyone here is familiar with this issue please comment down below.

6 thoughts on “Current Music app inconsistent points

  1. I am familiar with this. I’ve been trying out Current for a little over a week now and from what I’ve gathered, you get a high amount of points for the first few songs (let’s say, under an hours worth) and it gradually reduces over time. I also noticed that this resets everyday. Current seems to reset at 5pm PST and then it’s back to high number rewards for a short while. (I personally experience ~20 points as my “high” but it’s because the songs playing on this radio I chose are usually ~10 minutes long! and eventually it will all trickle down to 1-5 points each after a couple hours.)

    1. This exactly. I’ve noticed it resets at 7 PM CST as well and will slowly decrease until 11 PM to where I start earning around .500 points.

    2. which station? if i wish current had anything new is an actual timer on the player to show how long a song is per playlist. of course a quick general search on youtube for the same artist would solve that, typically.

  2. from what I understood points reset everyday

    let me explain:

    in the morning when i turn it on I get an average of 20-15 points per song and they keep lowering until the evening (I get approx 2 per song then)

    During the night at a certain hour (6 am i think) the points reset and the cycle starts over

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