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Data entry jobs

Best site for online data entry job?anyone know?

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        1. I don’t think those things fit all that well.

          Data entry is typically copying data from one system to another, e.g. taking a paper list of volunteers that signed up and then putting them into an online spreadsheet.

  1. I usually get paid 11-13$ an hour to Data entry. I’ve done all my work through Upwork. Have been on the site since 2016 and have made a bit over 20k mostly filling in excel files. I did start out working 4-6$ Hr to start out so that I could build a rep on the site.

      1. Possible yea but you are insanely slow on phone compares to a keyboard. I don’t think anybody would pay much for such slow work

          1. I think for most beermoney page you necessarily need a computer or at least a laptop since it’s all about working in a decent paste.
            Most thinks for mobile are survey apps or other pages that offer small tasks. And for some of the surveys you might still need a computer (some can be games and interactive.)
            I believe somewhere in the FAQ of this subreddit there is an overview for mobile beermoney things. Might wanna look that up, I’ll send it when I can find it later at home!

          2. Get a keyboard for your phone! I run a keyboard and mouse to my phone for side gigs that require a lot of entry

  2. A friend recently recommended Pointer Remote Roles, I’ve signed up to their website and I’ve got a phone interview on Tuesday. The friend that recommended them is a senior copywriter for a mystery shopping company, so I’m pretty sure it’s legit, but I’ll update when I do a job

  3. [Copy pasted from one of my answers] Check out Appen, iSoftStone and Leapforce. They offer online jobs to anyone over 18. I’m 19 and making ~$1,200 usd/mo from a couple jobs, I work like 3-6 hours per day.

  4. It’s all over MTurk if you are cool with making like 2 dollars an hour. I don’t think there’s much in the way of well paying data entry these days. Not when foreign workers on MTurk are willing to do it for next to nothing.

      1. Is there a lot of networking or “selling yourself” involved in that? Do you have to apply to jobs and convince them that you’re the right person for the job? Or, if I made an account and indicated my 5+ years of data entry experience and fast typing speed, would that be enough for people to come to me?

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