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Discover The money Machine That is How-To Videos

Do you enjoy being in front of the camera? Are you good at explaining things or demonstrating how to accomplish a task? You can make money creating how to videos.

What is a How to Video?

A how to video is essentially what it sounds like. It is a video that shows people how to do something. For example, how to replace your laptop screen, how to train your dog to sit, or how to cut your own hair. How to videos are extraordinarily useful. People turn to videos to learn about how to do a whole number of things.

This means there’s an opportunity for you. If you have specialty knowledge you can create videos to teach others. And you can make money!

There are actually a number of ways you can make money creating and publishing how to videos. Let’s look at the two most popular ways.


YouTube proudly states that “48 hours of video are uploaded every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day.” They also claim to have hundreds of millions of users from all around the globe. It’s easy to believe. Just turn on the news and you’ll see a YouTube video as part of the newscast.

Signing up with YouTube is free. Create your videos and upload them. Earn enough viewers and you will be invited to begin monetizing your videos. That means you can place ads on the bottom of your video. Each time someone clicks on the ad, you earn money. You can also make your videos available to rent. You can also apply to be a YouTube partner if you don’t want to wait for an invitation.

Information Marketing

When many people think of information marketing they imagine ebooks and reports. However, if writing books isn’t your thing you can create videos. Imagine a how to video series on how to train your parrot, get married in a year, or paint your house. Topics that are in demand have the best chance at making money and being successful. Instead of marketing and selling an ebook you can market and sell a DVD video series. You can even make the images available with an online download. This saves you the expense of shipping and your customer receives instant gratification.

If you have specialized information on how to do something or how to achieve something, consider monetizing that knowledge through video. Create your own YouTube channel or become an information marketer. Profit from your passion.

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